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Holdover - a breathtaking "indie" game (SNES)

Posted on 30.04.1995 by OfficialAndriey on 18:30 (GMT +1)

Yesterday we managed to complete a little game called "Holdover" for Super Nintendo released by a small Japanese studio (or presumably a single person I think) by the name of "Fox / Fox Eye". You've may not hear about this game since it's an "indie" game released unofficialy (kinda like those bootleg games, usually poorly made), but this production is a hidden gem! We played the SNES version of the game, but it is released on PCs too..

Let's get to the aspects of the game (including only the backstory of the game). You play as a girl named Marie, she's alone in some dark ruins what appeared to be a shelter, base or a lab belonging to her father Tanner. Waking up after a 10 year coma, weak and exhausted, trying to escape from this place, you encounter your worst enemy, water and guarding lasers trying to kill you. Water aspect could be kinda hilarious, but as you progress, You'll see that half of that place is flooded, and of course human can't breathe underwater. Sadly, enough Marie can't hold her breath for a very long time and she can't swim due to heavy ankle things which support her vital statuses, which means planning your best way to get quickly as possible to surface or at least an air pocket. And let's stop here with the backstory!

Gameplay wise, this game is FUCKING hard. Once you're in the water, you need to keep an eye on your oxygen level, and worst of all, it runs more quickly when you move around (even more when crouching or jumping). And rooms are full of deadly spikes, lasers and guarding robots scanning their field of view. The game has a quicksave feature which comes so much in handy (pro tip: save nearly every move or at least every room). Graphics are limited but still looking well polished when it comes for one-man programming. Music, although there are only 5 tracks, they still fit well, kinda giving the game the "Super Metroid" vibe. Controls are straightforward and very responsive. "Fox Eye" recommends this game at an age rating of 14+ for reasons of some blood appearing in the place where you die (can be turned off in options) and... delicate nakedness (Fox Eye's weird style). Oh, and don't forget about the story, it could be better, but for a short (around 1-2 hours) game, it kinda fits what it supposes to be

Overall, we highly recommend playing this game, and for downloads, stay tuned!

SCORE: 8,5/10 (SNES)

PS. Fuck this difficulty level




Ripping heads for the 3rd time in Mortal Kombat 3

Posted on 23.04.1995 by OfficialAndriey on 16:30 (GMT +1)


Midway is back again with their brutal smash hit, Mortal Kombat 3! Hitting on PCs, arcades and consoles with of course a "M" rating. In this installment in the series we've got (again) new challengers to fight or lead the way to victory with their new move sets and unique "Failtalities". Midway also introduced a new sprinting mechanic which may impact the gameplay in certain ways. Also we got a new set of maps, with a mix of remastered maps from 2 previous games. We played the arcade and the PC versions of the game to see the differences between two platforms, Arcade is no different to 1st and 2nd installement, same old buttons, 2 player mode and easy to remember move sets, mixed with the great sound system and smooth gameplay. PC version suffers from bad controls, we had to sit nearly an hour to get the optimal experience of the game; Music wise, well... it could be better. Of course, we used a sound card, but it doesn't give the arcade experience. Graphics on the other hand are nearly 1:1 to those from arcade, just beautifully brutal!. We don't recommend this game to the younger audience due to massive gore that is in the game.

Overall, we think the PC release is still worth the play if you want to participate in the brutal fights what happen inside Mortal Kombat 3, but for the best experience, a quarter is still worth spending on a playthrough session...

SCORE: 7/10 (PC) -- 9/10 (ARCADE)


Hamsoft has been officialy launched!

Posted on 30.03.1995 by OfficialAndriey on 15:03 (GMT +1)


Hello there, fellow gamers! Welcome to our first official website of Hamsoft! This project has been made for JimboVideo Website Submissions. There is pretty much nothing to read now (the site will go on, I hope). Anyways, let's get to the main point of the website. We are making a perfect place for PC gamers who want some dose of games. Reviews of hottest titles, tech tips supplied by our writing staff and tech reviews. All of this only on this site! There is some upcoming stuff too! Forums, downloads and much more! Join us today, and make sure to visit us more often!