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Project CISCO

Not to be confused with a high-grade networking brand, Cisco is the codename for an upcoming JimboVideo - the first one in years. Yes, "cisco" is an actual kind of fish; have you been following a pattern here?

Slated for a release in August, Project Cisco aims to take the professional aesthetics of Arowana with the sheer scale of Bigeye together and add a third dimension to it all by making tons of prop web material that mostly resides outside of the video in question, but remains integral to it nonetheless.

For the first time in all my years making videos, the general public will get to see the production of this video gradually progress in the form of these subsites growing over time. No complicated services required; all you need is a web browser, and I assume you already have one on hand.

Even if the actual video will most likely be only an hour long, achieving the desired scale isn't going to be easy, and not something I can do alone. That's why Project Cisco is going to be a collaborative effort.

Up until the deadline of July 15th, you have the opportunity to create your own website and submit it for use in Cisco. The only requirements for such a site are that it has to be compatible with Internet Explorer 2 and Netscape Navigator 2, and the content must be written as if it was on or before February 1996.

Take a look at some of the contributions that are available for viewing now; they should make for good references on what you could create. Bring your own ideas to the table; the more variety the better!

  • Bugfix (by himself) - A fishdragon helps you with computer-related problems.
  • Hamsoft (by Andriey) - A site for game and tech reviews.
  • Network SEA (by Baratus II) - Get your fix of multiplayer gaming over the net for a small monthly fee! [1]


1 Any indication that you may be charged money for something is completely fictious and only exists for artistic detail. This is a completely non-commercial project.