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Windows 95D Lite

Version 1.3: the last update?

Version 1.3 is more of a refinement of version 1.2 than anything else. It fixes some broken drivers in the distribution, and adds support for a few new devices like the nVidia RIVA 128 and a selection of Crystal sound cards. It also moves 95D Lite closer to a pure form, opting to revert to the original setup wallpaper from Windows 95 RTM and restoring the original Windows Default sound scheme. UltraDMA is no longer enabled by default in response to reports that some systems had their CD-ROM drives disappear from Explorer, but you can turn it back on using the Device Manager.

I have experienced troubles in getting Sound Blaster ISA cards to work out of the box with this version. At this point, though, I've pretty much gotten everything I'd want out of what could qualify as an unofficial step-up from Windows 95 OSR2, and have no desire to add more things to it. Going forward, I want to focus exclusively on Redtoast, as the structure of Windows 98SE seems much better suited to handling a greater variety of new hardware and software, and runs just as well as Windows 95 on my Am5x86 with the old shell in place.

I'd like to thank Billy Coore for bringing more attention to this project. I hope Windows 95D Lite has been of use to you, and look forward to realizing the perfect form of Windows 9x one of these days.

What's new for version 1.2?

Version 1.2 addresses various issues with the previous release, including a bad Voodoo2 INF that wouldn't load the driver properly. It also removes the Dial-Up Networking 1.4 RunOnce routines without affecting the update itself to ensure your first logon is almost as quick as it would be in a normal OSR2 installation. Extra branding has also been removed, but can be restored with BRANDISH.EXE.

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