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All of the stuff linked here is not made by me, only mirrored on my site for convenience.

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  • Microsoft Help Compiler - the official program for building WinHelp files. This doesn't actually let you edit them yourself; you still need to create an RTF document yourself in accordance with the syntax it uses. See the program's help contents for details.
  • Quake - Not the complete idstuff collection, but some materials that should get you up to speed in vanilla Quake and whatever else. (Don't ask me to put the full version up here)
  • EPA Logo modification tools - Do you want to pimp your AwardBIOS? Can't stand hypocritical governments? Or are you a scumbag that doesn't know what a garbage can is? In any case, these tools will help you rebrand any AwardBIOS POST screen to your liking. Check README.TXT for instructions. Please be careful with these programs, as you risk rendering your system unbootable if you screw up somewhere.
  • VxDLIB - A replacement for DEVLIB to pack and unpack VxD files like VMM32.VXD.
  • wqeOS - This is the only operating system you'll ever need. It has one command!
  • Microsoft Video for Windows - Allows you to play back videos in Windows 3.1x. Did you know that this can be used to play back 60FPS videos?