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dont worry you can eat unlimited cheese borger for ever ! there is are NO health risk


In the year 1993, the project at [redacted] involving water-based life simulation was greenlit, changing the course of artificial intelligence forever...

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December 02, 2022 at 09:11 AM - 1.6 is gonna take a little while longer. I've been taking care of some smaller things ahead of time.

November 25, 2022 at 09:53 PM - You know? I really want to make a proper drawing again. It's been about one and a half years since the last time I could. If there's a better way to get my tablet working comfortably in Linux with shortcut buttons, maybe then I could get that going once again.

November 19, 2022 at 10:19 AM - It needs to be said again. Twitter must crumble. It serves no good function, and the damage it has caused to society is unforgivable. If it indeed shuts down as everyone is losing their shit over the prospect of such a spectacle, it will be a delightful moment for the good will of the internet.

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Some kinda comic of Grey Fish's wall being crashed by big Whale Purple Belugy stabs the bird with a big ass crystal FACT 1: BEER AND SODA ARE SHIT



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Windows NT 3.51 Pentium MMX 233MHz

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Welcome to Razorback

Razorback is the return to the internet's glory days, the preferred benchmarking tool of obscure browsers, the central hub of the developments of the maroon whale and his neural network, and more importantly, the future.

The Razorback website began on October 5th, 2020 and has been growing slowly but steadily. It's intently crafted with old computers and browsers in mind - a far cry from the expectations of the internet we've been left with now, but also the beginning of even greater possibilities. Why should JavaScript be required for a site just to read text? I am above such nonsense, and so will you be when you dive deeper into this site. This site doesn't use cookies, nor does it employ client-side scripting, because there are always nicer ways of doing things. It should run nicely on your 486 with a low-bandwidth connection!

Razorback provides the following offerings:

And many more, and yet more to follow...

Trying to reach an affiliate site like the Blue OS Museum, but using a browser from 1995 or earlier? This might be why...

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I've spared you from the extra effort of "CLICKING TO ENTER", but you could imagine walking into this website would be something like what's depicted in the video below.

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