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Quick Links

While I do not want to have too much of my time taken up by lengthy talks assuming I'm working on something, I do provide several channels for you to reach out to me.


The most standard way to contact me is via email. I don't make any guarantees I'll get back to you, but if you have something interesting to share or you want to report technical issues with this site or any of my programs, this should be a good outlet to use.

I'm not so certain about putting a clear-cut mailto link here, but surely you know how email addresses work, right? I'm Kugee from razorback95.com... put 'em together.


I operate a Discord server of the same name as my website, which can be accessed here: https://discord.gg/QQe9gQT

For real time multimedia communication, this is a much better option, but it's bound to not work with older operating systems and is known to have shady data mining practices behind its friendly marketing. Of course that is the norm these days, and with practically no support for the IRC server I was previously running, I guess I'm gonna be stuck there until I can create a better solution that'll work with old systems, assuming I even bother with the idea.

The Razorback server is simple; there are no meme bots, very few roles, and sensible rules in place. It's mostly tech-focused but welcomes most types of discussion, and should be a good option for getting real-time technical support regarding old hardware and software. Just avoid the general channel.

Vlare and YouTube

I used to run a channel on Vlare where I posted many of my new videos for 2020 until it got struck down by a DMCA claim. I've written some stuff about why Vlare matters on this page, but now that it's officially declared dead, there's not much sense in making videos anymore.

For all of my older videos as well as some of my newer ones, I've been running this YouTube channel since 2013: https://youtube.com/c/KugeeRah

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Razorback come from?

Contrary to what might be immediately thought of, "Razorback" has nothing to do with a pig. As evident in the occasional acquatic themes around here, it's named after the razorback whale, another name for the fin whale. It's also named after a tracker module composed by Skaven in 1999. These served inspiration for the website's mascot, a compact yet powerful leviathan of the digital realm, ready to fight the trends of the modern internet with extreme force.

Why is your site's content so... aggressive?

It's a defense mechanism. Until recently, I had been under the constant manipulation of numerous people with malicious intentions, both on the internet and outside of it. The worst part about that is how it's often very difficult to know if anyone's hiding something until the trauma's already been set in. That's why a lot of my writings are so charged, not only to force my own mind away from any bit of sentimentality I may have once had for some abusive ties, but also to energize others to be a lot more vigilant in their interactions.

All too often, groupthink and passive-aggressiveness punch down on those who are too afraid to stand up for themselves. Too many people are willfully choosing evil and pushing it onto their friends and relatives. If someone is really trying to fuck with your mind, sometimes the best option is to break free with full force.

Why are you into old computers?

Even in 2002 when I was just a little kid singing about peanut butter and jelly, I held high contempt for the direction computers were taking - software getting more bloated, hardware becoming less efficient and more fragile, and everything just turning into ugly toys rather than the kinds of professional machines that would've made me felt like a big boy or whatever. Over the years I've come to see just how bad that era was, especially as it planted the seeds for the spyware nightmare we live in today.

While I do have a Ryzen workstation on hand that I continue to upkeep, I've only ever ran Windows 7 on it, and these days only hardware from around 2001 or earlier resonates with me. If I can't program something for Windows 95, I don't want to program it, because that and NT 4.0 are the very latest operating systems that I can actually enjoy using. Anything later is often too frustrating, as newer versions of Windows overly complicate the process of getting the same job done. I would use Linux, but it's still not viable enough for my needs... getting there, though!

Does Razorback support TLS encryption?

Yes, TLS 1.2 is supported as of now. However, as this site is designed for old browsers, it must also support unencrypted HTTP for there to be any sense in designing the website in this way. As a result, when you connect to this site, your browser may not try to use HTTPS by default. If this is the case, you can get TLS 1.2 encryption working using this link: https://razorback95.com

Encryption may be slow on a 486, but it is good for you, so you should use it whenever possible. I will not ditch the lack thereof, though.

How does one design a site to work on old and new browsers?

In practice, it's pretty tough minding the expectations of each and every browser given how their capabilities become more limited the further you go back, and it is possible that newer browsers will ditch legacy HTML tags outright. Still, it's fairly simple, and can look great if you know how to leverage tables properly. I use "loose" HTML4, which permits both legacy HTML formatting and CSS. Internet Explorer 2 and Netsscape Navigator 2 are my litmus tests for ensuring I've gotten around the most common quirks in old browsers, but I refuse to use anything Chromium-based, even for testing.

If you want to try your hand at making a website like this, check out my legacy HTML tutorial.

How do you pronounce "Kugee"?

The correct pronunciation is "ku-jii", as it is directly derived from the Japanese word kujira, which translates to whale. It's Kugee not CookieTM