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Zone Gamma - Gigantic Ship

Zone Gamma - Gigantic Ship

Capturing RYUKIN

Using capture for spread out bullets

I find it better to destroy the first two formations and then capture one from the third, comprised of another enemy "RYUKIN". This one is very similar to the first capture, but its bullets aim at an angle away from Silver Hawk's main fire, making shots more spread out. This is useful here since a lot of the formations here tend to show up from the very top and bottom sides of the screen.

Shooting up right at 45 degrees

Eventually, you'll start flying upwards at a 45 degree angle, and so your shots will be aiming in that direction. It's kind of awkward to get a grip on, but it's very brief.

You'll soon encounter this zone's captain, Queen's Child. When you're first fighting this, you may prefer to detonate your existing capture to get an opportunity to quickly break its shield. The explosion you create will protect you from its projectiles. They're mainly comprised of long lasers and large bullets spreading out, which should get easier to evade the more you learn how to move around them. It's the kind of stuff a written guide can't exactly teach you how to conquer.

When you're confident in your ability to outmaneuver its attacks, you can start using the alpha beam around here for higher scoring potential. When exactly to do so is something you'll have to decide for yourself. In my run, I fired around the time both of those spiky things showed up, but you may prefer to do it a little bit before the angle changes instead.

Queen's Child captain captured

When captured, Queen's Child usually just fires dual lasers, but with a different movement combination (left, left+down, down, down+right, right), it can fire out a serious barrage of projectiles that will be of great help in the near upcoming boss fight. To put it simply, you perform a quick half-circular motion with the directional stick.

Huge Battleship: Queen Fossil

Queen Fossil appears

They're not joking when they say this is huge; it's practically an entire stage in its own right! An entire squadron of your comrades was obliterated, but don't be intimidated. You are positioned as the Doomguy equivalent of STG pilots, the only one who survives the literal hellfire. Rip and tear... and make it well done.

Shooting at Queen Fossil's tail

Select Area E. Not only is it easier to run through, it's also host to something really badass that you've just gotta see. Queen Fossil will start off firing with the turret in its tail; the lasers here are slow-moving, and it's easy to fit in between them. Destroy it quickly to get a red powerup. Using the captain's special attack will help.

Three turrets

These next three turrets can be speedkilled if you prefer to do that so as to immediately move to the next phase, but you'll be missing out on a green powerup that's found in a formation which would appear if the turrets are active and firing. Missing it is not terribly consequential since there's plenty more to pick up later on, but getting this one could leave you better off in the long run.

Therefore, I advise destroying only one or two turrets as soon as possible (using the normal shot button), then leaving the third intact until the green powerup arrives. Leaving all three turrets intact will leave you with a lot more projectiles to put up with, thereby putting your captain in bad shape by the end of the attack.

You REALLY have to be mindful of where you position your captain, though. If it is moved into Queen Fossil's body, its energy will drain rapidly, and it will very likely die before you have a chance to use it in a beam.

Fin blades thrown

Next, Queen Fossil will start to throw fin blades at you. If you missed some of the turrets, this is a good opportunity to finish them before your ship turns around to the left. The first blade contains another green powerup. Since I have encountered an issue where the powerup won't appear if the blade is destroyed too soon, you should hold your fire. Wait for the first blade to come in at you from the left, and then shoot it. This should ensure that the powerup appears.

More rockets

Following that, more missiles will be fired at you. Nothing crazy to it, just try to make your captain perform its special attack at the right time to destroy the lot of them.

Bunch of cannons here

The laser cannons at the top right are possibly the most menacing, as they don't give you too much legroom. You may want to try to destroy those first. The machine gun in the middle is also pretty nasty, but if you destroy it, it'll give you a blue powerup. Be careful about destroying the three turrets on the bottom. Destroying them obviously means less projectiles will clutter the screen, but the top right cannons will start shooting lasers that bend towards you are 90 degree angles. To avoid them, you'll have to move around in a circle until they exit the screen.

More fin blades

Another set of fin blades will be hurled. The third one contains a red powerup. In anticipation for the upcoming second Queen's Child, you have a number of options: one, you can detonate your capture as soon as the fresh new captain is ready to fight and break its shield behind your explosion, which is easier.

Beaming the Bad Guy Dispenser

Or, you can do what I did here, charge a beam and release it immediately as the first blade closes in at the Silver Hawk, then move right up to a particular spot where some more bad guys are being dispensed. When your beam dissipates (this should be right as the red and purple powerups become available), immediately move down and out of the way. The second Queen's Child is here to replace your old and beaten up one. It has the same attack patterns from before. Break its shield and capture it. Use tap movements to align yourself neatly with it.

Big long lasers

After your ship is turned to the left, four gold rockets will be fired from the bottom left. Use your captain's special attack to aid in destroying them. Then, Queen Fossil will fire more of those spread out lasers. Just position yourself in between them with tap movements, and keep firing. Or, you can charge your beam now. Whichever the case may be, it will follow that attack with shedding off some of its scales which are thrown at you. Pay attention to how they move; the ones that bounce back are the ones about to move towards you in a straight line.

Countering a beam

And now, the moment you've been waiting for... as soon as those cannons open up, release your alpha beam! Keep positioning it towards each succeeding beta beam, making sure to hold that rapid fire, and you will achieve a fourfold counter that is so giant it takes up the entire screen!!

If that didn't work out, well... you're gonna be face with plenty more, much harder patterns... those will not be discussed here, but if you're trying to reach for a world record, learning them may be really helpful.