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Zone Epsilon - Galaxy Islands

Zone Epsilon - Galaxy Islands

The third stage has a lot of asteroids that cannot be captured. Trying to do so would be like trying to raise a pet rock. Some real enemies do show up soon for you to grab, but I didn't bother capturing any here.

Blue guy is hidden at the right!!

It should be noted that the second formation moving downward from the top has a blue powerup at the end, but this formation goes by quickly. There is a chance you could miss it. Having the laser weapon really helps.

Reverse Direction encounter

The zone's captain, Reverse Direction, appears early on. Its attacks may seem too large to get up close and personal with it, but those are cluster rockets it's firing. They move out a bit, and then they expand into a lineup of bullets. Try to stay right next to, but undernearth this captain where the shield is. You'll likely have to move up as it moves itself down trying to evade your attacks. Break the shield! Get the captain!

Reverse Direction doesn't have as charismatic of an attack as the previous two captains, mainly just fires out one of its fins like a boomerang. The movement combination for this is right, down, down+right - as in, you move the directional stick right, put it to neutral, then down, and down right. It's not as easy to pull off as the fractionally circular motions from before, but every little bit of extra firepower helps.

Some of the asteroids have these spikes protruding from them. These take more hits to destroy, and because of this, they are exceptionally threatening to your captain. You really want to remove them as soon as possible, because if your captain is making contact with them, it will take heavy damage, and probably die before reaching a good position to be used for a beam.

Immediately following this, there will be some satellite lasers shooting up to the left. Removing them will give you more space, but be wary of the ground below. There is a chance you could crash into it and immediately die, without regard to how many hits your arm barrier has left.

Zone midpoint

At the midpoint, I'll select Area I. Be mindful of the area selection timer. When it expires, a red asteroid will come down towards the bottom, which is easy to miss. You definitely want to destroy it so you can grab the powerup.

Unconvering a gold powerup

After reaching the station, there are a number of goodies to be on the lookout for. Two additional powerups, colored gold and silver, respectively, can destroy/damage all enemies on the screen or give you a point bonus. From what I recall, the amount of points awarded by a silver powerup depends on the direction in which you approach it, but don't quote me on that.

The gold powerup shown above is hidden in that corner. When you shoot it, it flashes briefly to reveal its position. Keep shooting there, and it will be released. I would wait a while before picking it up until those rockets waiting underneath show up. You can use that powerup to destroy them easily. Keep Reverse Direction away from the terrain.

Using multi bombs to remove asteroids from behind

If you don't have the multi bombs at this point, you're going to have a bad time. Two spiky asteroids will emerge from the left side and try to close in on your captain. Aiming the rear bombs towards them is the fastest way to remove them.

Getting underneath to destroy that one fish

As you begin moving underneath the ceiling, you have to decide when you think you should convert your captain into an alpha beam. Without gadgets, you don't really have much of a way of knowing if it's safe to beam later unless you've been paying close attention to where the captain's been moving. It might be best to just shoot an early beam, and get underneath that modestly sized fish and move up to destroy it. The rest should be cannon fodder.

Using multi bombs and Rei TANOUL to hit asteroids coming from the left

If you haven't destroyed those long spinning bars (Rei TANOUL), they could be useful for destroying the next wave of asteroids from the left. One of them shoots backwards. Of course, the most reliable means of shooting backwards is always having those multi bombs equipped.

Huge Battleship: Dimension Diver

Dimension Diver shooting lasers

This one... is horrible. It has a variety of different patterns, which almost seem to be selected at random. The first few are consistent, starting with a wave of erratic French fry lasers...

Trident attack

...followed by this fire coming out of its trident tail. I don't even bother firing here, just trying to keep myself focused on positioning myself somewhere good in the hopes of leaving the tail aiming upward.

Mines falling

Dimension Diver will then move in from the left, and drop three rows of mines that move down in a chaotic wave pattern. There are openings that could allow you to evade them all without taking a single hit, but you should definitely have two hits available in you arm barrier (it should not look small), at a bare minimum. You'll have to figure out the movement yourself, but as best as I can describe it, I enter up into a gap, quickly move right, and up again, sort of in a zigzag pattern.

Possible Patterns

Homing rockets

Now you're thinking with portals! Oh wait, so did Aperture steal Thiima technology, also? Anyway, this is where the random patterns come up. Thankfully, it is possible to anticipate at least some of them judging by the position and angle of Diver's head. One has homing rockets that suddenly appear from the top and bottom. These can be destroyed. Also be mindful of this large bullet from underneath that can explode into smaller bullets.

Gravity-propelled popcorn bullets

For this popcorn machine, I prefer to move to the top right where there seems to be a lot more open space. As always, having a capture handy helps a lot in preventing your barrier from being wasted.

Bullets and homing lasers

Alongside the exploding bullet packs, you may also get homing lasers, which are easy enough to avoid if you're in the right position. If you don't get the lasers, this one's a pipsqueak; just stay low and fire, adjusting yourself as needed.

Waves and bullets

These next few are from my failed runs. This one is really nasty. A bunch of wave projectiles will spread out and fill the screen. I find it best to get high, and hold your fire so the bullet packs don't shoot with unpredictable timing.


If it's spitting out anchors, just shoot 'em. No catch... I think.

Straight rockets

A few rockets could suddenly appear from the top and bottom. These ones are longer, and only move straight. Also mind the bullet packs.

Spinning lasers

Now this one is straight up EVIL! Plenty of spinning lasers steer towards you, on top of there being bullet packs. It seems this only appears when the boss is seriously damaged.

Countering one beam at a time

If you survived three patterns, you're given an opportunity to capture if you don't have one already. Charge, and release immediately when Diver returns. It will then fire its beams. DO NOT COUNTER BOTH IMMEDIATELY, or it will move out of the way. Only counter the bottom one first. When Diver turns more pink, quickly move up to counter the other, and you're done.