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Zone Theta - Gallery

Zone Theta - Gallery

Beaming a bunch of guys

The start of this zone is pretty chaotic. Enemies come in from many directions, and you're often not given a whole lot of legroom to move around thanks to those floaty things in the middle (Rei SETORE) that are hard to break and always firing straight. However, by now you should have a surplus of capture balls, and you can only carry six at once, remember? Maybe now's a good opportunity to consume some of them ahead of time...

At the very least, the ground here seems to be out of your way enough that it won't make your ship crash.

Extra life uncovered

VERY IMPORTANT - the only extra life available is found right next to the pillar closest to you, in front of the pyramid. Other fourth zones have an extra life hidden elsewhere, but otherwise, this is the only way to get one. Like the gold and silver powerups discussed in the last zone, this is buried underneath terrain, and needs to be hit a few times to be released. Even if you are going for a no miss clear, the remaining lives you have count towards your end game bonus.

It is especially important that you uncover this one as soon as that pillar appears, because when it crosses halfway across the screen, you'll rise up and won't be able to uncover it.

Beam is blocked

Here, I ended up doing yet more beaming. There will be several waves of those gold things that will block such beams. They shouldn't be too much of a problem, but watch for formations that may show up from behind. Even though your alpha beam can destroy most everything else, your arm barrier can still be damaged from behind.

Zone midpoint

At the midpoint, these large gold rockets will fire northwest. If you're beaming, just keep yourself in between a couple of them, and be mindful that firing a beam will slowly push you backwards. Either tap your movement to the right, or, preferably, use the leftmost gap where you can sit comfortably at the left side of the screen. Select Area O, because Area P is terrible for survival due to its total absence of blue powerups to repair your barrier.

Fighting more enemies

When you enter the pyramid, things are a bit more modest, and you shouldn't need to beam your way through it unless you're in a ditch. Your wave shot, assuming you have it, should be a lot more powerful, and a lot wider as well to dispose of what you may have been having trouble with earlier. Save your balls for the captain!

Encounter with Gray Stripe

After descending to a lower floor, you'll find three large gold rockets headed towards you. Destroy them with your normal fire. Then, the captain Gray Stripe will appear. It fires waves at angles depending on where you're located. I'm sure you could've used a beam somewhere, but I just detonated instead, because, for one, my shield was depleted, and two, I haven't figured out a good time on where to beam. As always, destroy its shield, try to stay clear of the waves, and capture when it breaks.

Using Gray Stripe to kill all

Gray Stripe is excellent with both its normal and special attacks. Normally, it fires two rows of waves parallel with your own shots, but with the movement combination right, left, left+down, down, down+right, right, it can fire four rows of waves that spread out - VERY helpful for clearing out all sides of the screen when you're stuck.

Soon, you'll exit the pyramid, and the last enemies you'll encounter are some of those jet bomber-looking things from behind. If you have multi bombs, you can shoot those yourself easily. Should be a good opportunity to cool off before things really get intense.

Huge Battleship: Death Wings

Death Wings attacks

After destroying the short wave of anchors, you have to think about how well you've treated Gray Stripe. If you think it's healthy enough, you could hide inside it and have it tank the slightly bland stream of bullets Death Wings will fire. Once those bullets stop, though, it'll fire lasers that bend towards you. That's when you should charge, and immediately release your beam. Use it to destroy the lasers. With the captain's strength, you'll shave off more than half of Death Wings' hit points, provided you're holding rapid fire or tapping shot fast enough.

Death Wings makes a nice blanket

This is the part where you REALLY have to pay attention to where your ship turns. The first time that Death Wings flies to the top, you'll turn left. So, you'd want to move to the right and aim for the captures available on the left. There's a lot going on here; not only is Death Wings firing wave lasers at your standing point, it's also surrounding the area with those gold pieces. I didn't know where I was even heading when I first dealt with this, but that's where recording/replays come into play. They give you the time to deconstruct what you're facing, and plan out your tactics for next time!

Doing a great job not getting sucked in

Those gold pieces will be sucked in, and there will be an opening to move out of that in the corners. Following this, it'll turn on the vacuum, trying to slowly drag you towards it. Hold down and right, and adjust yourself as needed to avoid the bullets coming towards you. It's somewhat easier if you have a new capture on hand, as you can just ram forward into the bullets with the front shield things (IFATHER PLUS). Even without a capture, I've found it's still very much doable; you might have to perform "jumping" motions to dodge the bullets.

Ignoring a beam

The easier way to destroy Death Wings is by firing a beam some time after it moves to the left (not too early), countering its own beam to extend the length of yours, and moving just slightly underneath so the beam still hits as the boss moves right. That should be enough to clear this zone.

More attack fight

Otherwise, you can go for its juicier double beam later. Fire at the destructible bullets, then when you're next to Death Wings' tail, avoid the next wave of bullets while destroying the anchors. Always know when that's going to stop, because immediately following that, the wings (really just ray fins) will start firing out their jet flames.

Stingray Powered By JETS !

You have only a very narrow safe spot to move to, right underneath the tail, close to the torso. When you're in position, stand still! As soon as Death Wings moves away, move to the right side of the screen.

Marine biology course 800

After firing a few homing missiles, Death Wings will do this thing again with moving up, firing the lasers, and boxing you in with gold pieces, and this time your ship will turn right. Move to the left, and don't miss the capture on the right this time. When the gold rolls inward, get out through the corner like before. At least it's a lot shorter this time around.

Countering Death Wings twice

When Death Wings moves to the right, charge your beam, and fire it when the next homing missiles are launched. Here, two beams will be fired. More beams, more damage, more score. Position yourself in line with the beams as you're firing yours, and finish off Death Wings with a double counter. If you've made it this far, you can definitely win!