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This manual is really confusing!

How did I end up here?

If you tried to connect to a domain from one of Razorback's affiliates, there is a very slight offchance that you may have landed on Razorback's home page instead of the one you wanted.

If this is the case, it's most likely because you're using a web browser from 1995 or earlier. Razorback happens to host a small number of its affiliates, and it does so in a way where they are all located on the same web server, sharing the same IP address as one another.

Modern web browsers even as far back as Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape Navigator 3 are able to fine-tune their HTTP requests to retrieve a different website coming from the same IP address by sending a "host" header. This is good practice for leaning down on the number of IP addresses occupied in the IPv4 pool, but it also means the browsers that come with Windows 95 RTM, Windows NT 4.0, and other very old operating system versions will not be able to connect to these sites, as they are unable to send a hostname to request from the web server.

Mitigating this issue is a matter of updating to a later browser. Obviously, later browsers will become more punishing on old systems, but most browsers released in 1996 and onward should very much be capable of sending hostname headers, so I don't think you'll have too much of a problem reaching another site on this server from your 486 computer. Check the list of mirrored browsers to get started in a matter of minutes.

If you're still having trouble reaching another site, something may have gone wrong on this web server's configuration. If this is the case, email me.

So... you host more than one site?

I sure do! Sometimes it's a lot more economical to host multiple sites at once, especially given how lightweight ours are. But I don't provide room on my web server to just anyone! It only takes a shoestring budget to get yourself a domain and VPS, so if you're burning it on "bills" for a JavaScript-heavy chat program just to have an animated profile icon, please reconsider! The process of configuring a web server from scratch and the necessary protections to go with it is pretty elaborate, but highly fulfilling. Either way, don't nag me!