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Gallery Update! Site Roadmap

November 22nd, 2020 at 8:15 AM by Kugee
Category: Site Related

I told you Razorback wasn't a one-off project! New ideas keep coming up all the time, continuously pushing to find this site's true potential, wherever that leads. It's only been a month and a half since the site went live, and already it's undergone significant changes to make it more compatible with browsers from 1995, and the groundwork has been laid for it to become more dynamic in the future.

As part of a need to transition away from Twitter, I've reworked the gallery to make it much easier to manage in the long run. Rather than making entirely static HTML pages, I can now just add rows to a MariaDB table and have a PHP script take care of adding pages automatically. More work is yet to be done with this; I want to add sorting options and tag filtering, but this seems to work pretty good for now. You can take a look at the changes for yourself here.

I'm just getting started... I've been under way with setting up an IRC server, but I have hit some technicalities that require me to put it on hold. As of writing this, my hosting provider is forcefully blocking port 25, which is necessary for sending and receiving email on my own server using the domain I have. It'll be several more weeks before I'm able to ask them to lift the block, but I'll let you know when my email's usable so you have a way to contact me directly without wrestling through the bullshit of big websites.

Getting email working should open the door to a lot more possibilities. I want to make it possible to comment on articles such as this one; depending on how exactly I can take measures to prevent spam comments, I may need to prompt users to enter their email addresses (which will not be published, of course) and use that as a means of verifying comments if too many are being posted at once. Might need some advice on the best practice I could take, but I want to avoid implementing CAPTCHA if at all possible. ARE YOU A ROBOT? IN 2093 YOU MUST BE A ROBOT TO POST COMMENTS.

The Blue OS Museum has made plenty of progress behind the scenes; most of the reviews have been converted into web pages, and now it's just a matter of creating graphics for the home page and some other things before it's all ready for publication. Some may ask if there's any point to this when other Windows beta documentation sites already exist... to that, I must note that we prefer to do things our own way, plus we also do reviews of OEM recovery discs. On top of all that, Blue Horizon has discovered a number of new things in early builds that were widely thought to only exist slightly later on, most notably gradient title bars in Memphis 1387. So, in a way, we're on the cutting edge when it comes to documenting old Windows builds.

A few days ago, I asked if anyone was interested in the idea of me creating a new forum that could work with old browsers. Previously I brushed off the idea since, you know, there's Vogons if you want it, but the response was overwhelmingly in favor of a Razorback forum! I suppose it explains itself; I've heard of some insane drama that plagued Vogons a few years back, don't really know what exactly it was about but it must've been pretty bad. Their site becoming HTML5-ized isn't as disastrous as something like the new YouTube Studio, but it was definitely alienating for some users as it basically contradicted the whole idea of being centered around old computers. Regardless, it is pretty constraining, so I've hardly ever posted there.

Of course, having a forum inevitably requires users to log in, which involves cookies - a thing I promised not to have. I will do what I can to keep the forum separate from the mainland website, and since I plan to program it from scratch (i.e. NOT using phpBB or anything like it), I'll know exactly what it is I need to disclose regarding cookies. I don't plan to get started on this for quite some time, but hopefully it'll be all worth it when it's finished!

One thing I might also consider adding is a mechanism for basic counters tallying certain things like file downloads and page visits. To ensure counts aren't flooded by a single user, I might have to consider temporarily storing IP addresses from HTTP headers for 15 minutes to ensure they don't increment a counter repeatedly... unless there is a better way to go about it? This isn't something of high priority, but I might end up working on it if I can't think of anything else to work on at any given time.

Hopefully this site has been doing good for what little it has now. I know I've neglected to create more guides, but I've been juggling so many things lately. I suppose in the near future, I'll create the web hub for Project Cisco as I receive more contributions to the upcoming JimboVideo and you can see what everyone's been making for some YouTube video that's gonna be forgotten about two weeks after its launch. You can submit one, too; all you need to be mindful of is that your website is written as if it took place some time in 1995 but no later than March 1996, and that it works with Internet Explorer 2 and Netscape Navigator 2. Most have an easy time submitting their work as a ZIP archive to my Discord server, but once my email's set up, you could also send your work as an attachment through there if you prefer.

Bugfix is with you all the way.

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