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But Proto!

November 23rd, 2020 at 1:10 AM by Kugee
Category: Internet/YouTube

But Proto! Phoenix Wright objection-style bubble

If you are into the speculation of potentially deeper subtexts and bombshell plot elements embedded within games and movies, or you rely on YouTube to get your fix of video game news, I'm sure you must have at least heard about ProtoMario. He's well known for his signature catchphrase "But Proto!" used to preemptively answer possibly frequent questions in the comment section.

There's an extremely obscure fact about the objection-style bubble that's been in use since 2014, though... I am the one who put that thing together for him. It might be hard to believe since it's been such a long time since I did that for a channel that's grown tenfold since I was last watching it, but way back when I had very few videos on my channel, hardly any motivation to make more, and there were no whales to be found there, I took a few desperate measures to try gaining velocity.

The first was trying to get involved in some dumb word that was being spammed during a live stream of Dota 2's The Internationals 4, as we convinced ourselves this was going to become some giant new meme that would finally have me cruising along. Of course it never happened (I mean, it was painfully forced), but there were other things that I tried.

I basically got the idea to create a replacement for the original Rage ComicTM graphic, thinking it would be more amusing if a defense attorney was shouting "BUT PROTO!" in a courthouse. Surely it had to fit a lot better with ProtoMario's focus on video games, and everyone seems to like it more, so... mission accomplished! Actually, my motivation to make the new graphic was kind of cynical; I was really hoping to get a shoutout for the bubble I DMed him (back when YouTube still allowed that).

These days I'm not really concerned about having never gotten the magical shoutout that would've brought my channel up, as shoutouts are not as effective as I'd like them to be, anyway. I'm in a position where I'm guaranteed at least a bit of attention to my videos; not very much compared to my subscriber count, but as long as I have a strong community around, I'm sure I'll get through these shitty times on YouTube as I wait for Vlare to bounce back.

My own talks about YouTube have been from the perspective of someone who doesn't bother with monetization. It's not like "large" YouTubers such as ProtoMario haven't ever been screwed over, either; I might suggest you watch this video where he talks about how his career basically dipped to the bottom thanks to high-profile advertisers panicking over a bunch of irresponsible channels like the Paul Brothers, h3h3, Keemstar, and the like.

In my Vlare Armageddon video, I brought up the 10:1 ratio; basically, it's an average of how many views you'll usually get in a week or two against your subscriber count. Rather than usually gaining around as many views as you have subscribers every time you post something, it tends to be the case that if you have a channel with 10,000 subscribers, you're probably only going to get around 1,000 views in a short amount of time upon publishing a video. Turns out the disparity is even greater on ProtoMario's channel, as it's more like the 100:1 ratio... damn.

I haven't been into Pokemon at all for many years now, let alone 95% of anything related to gaming, but I figured I'd just drop this fun fact here to get it out of the way. I've only ever brought it up a few times in internal discussions.