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The Twitter is Abolished

January 2nd, 2021 at 12:20 AM by Kugee
Category: Internet

Purple galaxy with glowing whale outline, unbind

Today marks a very important step in getting past the menace of giant tech platforms. My Twitter account has been terminated after five years of operation going nowhere, and it has become unmistakably clear that this little old-looking website of mine is returning far greater benefits to myself and my following. I'm still trying to get off the routine reflex of clicking the MRU link in the address bar to take me to that site, but surely it has to wear off at some point.

A 388 minute stream was held on the first anniversary of YouTube Armageddon in anticipation for the scheduled deletion of my Twitter account. It turned out a lot more choppy than I hoped it to be; I was experimenting with potentially higher quality settings prior to streaming. We finished a leftover save file of Unreal from last year's series of streams and ended up writing our own plot for the game. We're infiltrating the source of all the garbage tweets, Bugbroken wants my rocks I got from JCPenney, and a bunch of other things... if you can handle the choking, it might be worth sitting through. That was an insane night. Also in the stream is a bullet point-heavy PowerPoint presentation detailing my plans for the future, aka my 14th Grade English Test.

Prior to the deletion of my Twitter account, I ran a final batch of 32 tweets starting from November 30th to December 31st. While I do want to get most of my entire tweet archive into a better format some time later on, I said I would get this tweetstorm online as soon as possible. It's very image-heavy, so it will take some time to load on a 486, but here it is!

The Final Tweetstorm

1 - Stop following thousands of people/companies, you'll never keep up with all of them. Your time is not for others who want to push garbage in front of you.

Kugee's Twitter account following 435,860 users

2 - Soda and related sugar products are industrial waste. You might be surprised by how ditching them outright can improve your health a ton.

Plastic and paper fast food garbage

3 - The most important thing you can do for yourself now is find what you want to see that no one else has, and build yourself up to create that thing.

Astronaut in space

4 - Retweets are an abomination. They only serve to make Twitter even more of a mess than it already is, often spreading malice and deceit at the click of a button.

Orange smiley with evil face

5 - Twitter does not uphold the long-term value of content. Everything is disposable and forgettable. Go find that funny picture you saw two years ago; I bet you can't do it.

Trash pile

6 - If you are to do workouts, only do so because you care about your well-being, not to look "hot". The excessive exposure of bodybuilding is toxic and alienating. Only narcissists show off that much.

Doing pushups with heavily brightness and saturation filters

7 - ARM will not prevail. The future must continue to lie in the hands of x86, the architecture of freedom and flexibility.

Article from Mayank Sharma: New Arm-based gaming PC set to take on Intel and AMD rigs

8 - Do not use stock politics like the rest of Twitter. To have a political view, you must first understand WHY.

New York Times quiz: Can you tell a Trump fridge from a Biden fridge?

9 - Never let politics dominate your life. You have other dreams too, don't you? What makes you human is not a label in a compass or spectrum, but what you are and what you enjoy doing.

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10 - DOOMERISM IS NOT AN OPTION. I've been severely battered for basically my whole fucking life, yet here I am now, still pushing myself further however I can. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Bugfix powering a lightbulb with his hand

11 - Wokescolding is detrimental to the fight against bigotry. You shouldn't have to be ousted because you slipped up once. We were all bombarded with hate, and we have to pick each other up in order to move past it.

Humpback whale breaching

12 - One key business model of social media is outrage. All it takes is a static spark (one post) to start a wildfire (big ass trend). Do not set the gas station on fire.

13 - This is the worst video of all time. All nostalgia for Windows XP is FAKE. Windows XP represents the end of "nostalgia", as it marks the downfall of serious computing.

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14 - Promises are devoid of sincerity. All that matters is action. Someone's actions contradict their promises? They're probably not good for you.

id Software logo covered in corrupt vertical stripes

15 - Fame does not equate to importance. Who really matters to you? If I don't, it is your duty to turn away from my works and allot your time elsewhere.

Cardboard head robot waving

16 - Do you even KNOW who took charge? Hierarchies are bullshit. No matter who you are or where you're at, you deserve to have a say in something if it will affect you.

Purple Belugy close up in the crystal field

17 - If your hatred for an individual or group is simply rooted in who or what they are, you probably need to go offline for some time and seriously reflect on how you came to such a view.

18 - "Worth" is arbitrary, a made up concept designed to bloat some with the feeling of superiority and pummel others down with a sense of inferiority. Who's calling the shots on worth? Only some judgemental jackass.

Blurry hamburger with tomato, onions, lettuce

19 - A cellular touchscreen telephone is to be used as an AUXILIARY DEVICE, not a replacement for the desktop. Use one only wherever necessary, or else it becomes a menace.

Samsung Galaxy S5 phone camera pointed at 486/Pentium tower computer

20 - Just because being action-driven is important does not mean you should become a machine. Doing nothing is an absolute physiological necessity, especially in between doing so much.

Green 3D wireframe of Kugee

21 - Restricting yourself to using a Pentium MMX desktop running Windows 95 might just be what you need to gain new ideas or regroup. It's like secluding yourself in an old mansion with no one else around.

Redtoast Alpha 2 installing on Pentium MMX desktop and laptop

22 - This isn't just about you visiting my website instead of my Twitter feed, it's a call for you to make your own website, and realize the level of control you could be having. The answer is right in front of you. Make websites, not accounts!!

Dragon Spirit arcade title screen

23 - Do not take me for a role model. Seriously, why the fuck do you need me to tell you all of this? You should be developing your own principles. STOP READING THIS, NOW.

Crusader No Remorse software box

24 - There is no doomsday, at least not one we can't overturn. Why can't we save the world? Are we not allowed to? Do we not have enough money? We were set up with these mental roadblocks, but we can dissolve them.

Windows 95 logon dialog with a wallpaper full of flames

25 - Centuries into the future, you and your thoughts will eternally persist in others, even those not related to you.

Colorful galaxy image with a human head with glowing eyes in the center

26 - G-Darius is really great.

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27 - IRL is a derogatory acronym. The internet is as much of reality as the road. It doesn't give you oxygen like a tree, but its mechanism is great for helping you get started in connecting with others if you haven't been able to do so physically thus far.

Internet Explorer 5.5 displaying the Arowana project page on Razorback

28 - Does being a man over the age of 20 mean you have to fear drawing a delightful cartoon dragon? If so, WHY? WHO TOLD YOU SO?

Bugfix shouting into a megaphone

29 - Develop resilience against constant demands from others telling you what to do. Do you really want to become someone else's hammer?

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30 - The biggest mistake of all is to approach your destination head on without actually being prepared to do so. Taking years to slowly refine yourself little by little before getting started is optimal.

Remote Desktop Connection 5 in Windows 95 with old-fashioned banner

31 - I have not changed my mind. This account will go down tomorrow. An archive of all my tweets will be available some time early next year.

Pentium MMX desktop displaying ABOLISH THE FUCKING TWITTER image in room with green lighting, unimportant character last seen in 2017 sitting in chair

32 - Down the road, I will be seeing you in Project Cisco. Make sure your RSS reader has the Razorback feed loaded. The Twitter experiment is complete. This account will be shut down later tonight. Thank you! #MyLastTweet

Closing Thoughts

I want to reiterate my earlier point about wokescolding, and on a broader scope, cancel culture. To clear things up, it's not specifically a left-wing problem as it is often stereotyped (even though it is more prevalent there than I'd like it to be, speaking as a hard leftist). Regardless of where you align, you are vulnerable to cancellation every day, as so much of your activity may be permanently fossilized. It doesn't matter if you're a completely different person 10 years from now, because if someone has a vendetta against you, they will use something, ANYTHING you regret posting from that time to attempt to destroy your character.

Many people are not prepared to face a cancellation of a large scale, and may fall apart should such a thing happen to them. That is just the obvious issue... the true evil lies in the unseen consequences of cancel culture, those which do not manifest in tweets. Regardless of whether anyone actively posts online or not, they do take notice of things that happen on a larger scale... things that may end up in the trending box, like an individual that was just cancelled for putting the wrong hairdo on their video game character. Witnessing a series of cancellations can have devastating psychological effects. Some may become incredibly paranoid, and may be forced take one of a number of self-preservation measures - extreme social isolation, adopting the attitudes prevalent in cancel culture, or turning to a group that is not in their best interests to protect themselves from cancel culture, to name a few.

Ganging up on people for such petty things, or even outright lies, is not going to help anyone in the long run, and only provides very little short-lived satisfaction of "winning". There are many people who are ACTIVELY trying to ruin thousands, if not millions of lives outside of cancel culture... shouldn't we be going after Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Satya Nadella a lot more often? Why are social media platforms themselves not being cancelled?! Yes, I intentionally threw the Microsoft CEO in there, because Windows 10 is unquestionably malware.

In any case, I am free from that Twitter hellscape now... I have been peeping at a select few accounts I know of, but as they too are planning to abandon ship, it's inevitable that I may forget what Twitter even is next year. I know I don't need it, for I never gained any traction on the site to begin with, peaking at only ~230 followers. What good is a website with a single endless feed of everything mixed together, anyway? Even if you're going to stick to static HTML, your website will be infinitely more exciting than a cog in a social media machine. I hope to see that more people will start to ditch such atrocious platforms.

Unreal screenshot, indoor lights shining on a Nali fruit tree

You will see the creation of new lives.