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Society Collapsing? Blame the Scalies!

May 1st, 2021 at 7:50 PM by Kugee
Category: Art/Games

Scale the pink dragon has just burned down the most manly high testosterone civilization and is proud of it.

Take a look around you... the world is burning, wealth disparity is growing wider, a virus is ripping families apart, societal infighting is in an absolutely chaotic state, and I still can't get the latest Ryzen CPU... there's just so many large and small problems burdening the lives of so many people just trying to get by.

As overwhelming as it all is, everything can be traced to a single source. Is it incompetent governmental leadership? Do too few individuals own far too much more than they will ever use? Are our investments being gambled recklessly time and time again? Has our culture been primed up to be so violent? Did we never bother preparing ourselves for such punishing circumstances?

Wrong answer, pally... it's a scalie visual novel that ruined everything. It initated a global financial crash, it caused my parents to divorce, and then it burned down my entire neighborhood! How could it cause so much damage? 'Cuz it's cringe and it's fuckin' cringe and uh oh my god what the hell why do you talk to dragons it stupid IJOFP34909TG4K50P4509,IO

Pretentious Doomerism

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm talking about a game called Angels with Scaly Wings, which was recently ported to consoles. Full disclosure, I'm not interested in visual novels nor do I know much about this game myself. Yes, it has some objectionable content in it, but as I've heard, it's minute and inconsequential. It only takes a few seconds to clarify this, but as one of the earliest things mentioned in the console launch trailer as part of the ESRB rating details, it seems to have set off a tirade of angry YouTube comments...

If you've at least seen some of the dominant rhetoric in internet culture, you probably know that scalies and furries get a bad reputation for perceivably being weird, degenerate, and, um... yeah, I'll be the first to admit a portion of it is pretty irksome, and six years ago when I was still shoving pizza and pretzels down my throat I would've easily believed that was the whole scope of the fandoms. I have to tell you, though, they're really being treated unfairly by a lot of people. Those I've talked to which bear the aforementioned titles are actually very much normal, and I happen to work very closely with a scalie myself!

Did I lose my edge? Am I no longer strong? Have I been consumed by zombies? As a matter of fact, I've generally been getting a lot more confident in myself and doing so much more with my time in parallel with opening up to other perspectives. If anything, I think it's helped a lot in making my endeavors much more enjoyable when raw numbers on a dumb channel couldn't return much of anything.

Unfortunately, cringe culture seems to be alive and well, contrary to apparent recent declarations of its death. What causes it to persist even in a time where furries and scalies are becoming increasingly more accepted? Going by personal experience, I'd say it's a serious case of self-loathing and a desire to find something so visibly outrageous to punch down on, all fed by a wider toxic stigma against deviations from social expectations, if not neurodivergence.

If you find yourself seething at the sight of a golden dragon with goggles, take this into consideration: random word of mouth is not exactly a reliable source of information, nor is it something that should do all the perceiving for you. You might be afraid of turning into an extreme depravity against your own will, but dissolving those preconceptions will really do a lot to help you enjoy life a little more in the long run, and who knows... you might turn out to be a rather wholesome scalie yourself! If some thought crosses your mind that perhaps that's what you'd rather be, forget about those toxic peers, as they're really just putting a ton of unneeded pressure on you regardless of where you stand, anyway.

It's About Expression!

Why do some of us portray ourselves as giant lizards as opposed to just taking pictures of ourselves as is? Obviously, seeing humans over and over again can get pretty tedious and lame, so the natural thing to do is turn somewhere else to spice things up... well, realistically, personality tends to shine through a lot more easily when you're not bound to such rigid constraints.

That's why my channel has run with an aquatic theme for so long; I'm not some boomer that always wants to drone on about how ABSOULTELYES AMAZINGSZS THE VOOVOO2 VIDEOCARDO WAS!!! I'm someone with a lot of creativity and I just so happen to really like diving into obscure functions of old hardware and software, and I figure mixing the two together can really help a lot more in making the subject engaging for others.

Bugfix wearing headphones

More recently, I've drawn a small number of dragons so far, conceptualizing characters for a future project. The most prominent of these by far is Bugfix. He was originally meant to be a character specifically for use in a prop site for the Project Cisco video, but he quickly grew on me a lot more than I anticipated. Right after coloring the first drawing of him, I knew for sure I'd have the will to make nine more drawings. Bugfix has since become very popular over here, and has made his way elsewhere on this site and even into a separate animation of sorts.

Now, Bugfix is sort of a hybrid between a fish and a dragon, but that's only to help fit in with the ongoing aquatic theme. Stop trying to overthink everything. The important thing here is that he's got a ton of personality you can gather from the variety of drawings I've made of him. I wanted to make someone who was kind of a mythical being with a rather obscure background, but also very down to earth and sticking to more typical things like working with computer hardware.

My character design style has tended to deviate a lot from what's usually seen, in part because I preferred to take my own direction with things and don't like to spend too much time drawing... but I feel like it really gives this whole operation this unique identity, something which seems to be sorely missing in a lot of retro tech channels. Hell, I'd be willing to take it a step further by sewing up an entire dragon suit to give to my friend whenever I start learning how to do that. Heheh, imagine it's a lizard that's giving you the latest scoop regarding his recently acquired CRT monitor. Come on, you KNOW you love the idea.

So there, that's why there are dragons on this website. Anyone who's offended by them has clearly been wasting their life binging on too many cringe compilations.

So what is this game?

Since all these casual gamers subscribed to the PlayStation channel are so triggered over a dragon novel and insisting that it's just an attempt to get some fetish promoted, I figure it's only fair to share a testimony from someone who's actually played Angels with Scaly Wings extensively. NOTE: This contains minor spoilers for the game.

On April 30th 2021, Angels with Scaly Wings made it's debut on to consoles, unfortunately, it's release was hit with a trove of negative feedback by what I can only describe as your average furry hating gamer types, as of writing this (05/01/21 1:02pm EDT) this like/dislike ratio is as follows.

601 likes to 544 dislikes

I'm honestly not surprised, people would be so quick to jump the gun especially when the ESRB content warning advises "sexual themes", but heed my warning, there is next to no sexual content in this game, and in the parts where these is, it's censored and/or alluded to. Sure, this may raise some eyebrows, but this isn't a "dragon sex game" like everyone is saying in the comment section of PlayStation's version of the trailer.

I'd really like to see all the people who ragged on this game just because it has talking dragons in it play it, I can say with out a doubt that this game changed me for the better, both it and its community. I had first heard about the game from the Steam "recommended for you" tab while browsing the store in June 2020, I held off knowing I would be bullied for playing this game and added it to my wish list, on July 7th however, I played it and fell in love.

My first play through I got Lorem's bad ending, and I've still yet to get all of them all these months later. This game has inspired me to do alot of good, like I met a group of friends on the developer's Patron server, and through them I was inspired to learn Ren'py and start making my own visual novels. In summary, don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case visual novel; even something as ridiculous that seems like a "dragon sex game" on the cover can make a huge impact in your life.

You heard it first from LuxuryAerozona, so now you have no excuse to try to smear this game as such. If only people would not raise their expectations so dangerously high and start firing their guns at the slightest bit of remotely controversial stuff... but gamers will be gamers - the most self-entitled brats in the universe, raised on Calladoody and """""" MAKING INVESTMENTS"""""""" into the fraudulent digital pollution that is Bitchcoin. I should get everyone to sign a petition to make whiny gamers play dragon visual novels.

Don't be a gamer. Just be someone who enjoys games. They have always been a form of art (except Fortnite and Dota 2), and there's going to be something out there for anyone. The more you rage at small developers, the more hostile of an atmosphere you create for any aspiring programmers to enter the scene, eventually preventing potential masterpieces from ever taking form.

On another note, why the fuck would you subscribe to the official PlayStation channel? Sheesh, talk about bombarding yourself with tons of advertisements every day...