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Update on QuakeWorld DM Server

June 26th, 2021 at 11:25 PM by Kugee
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Quake suddenly looking more like a generic hallway third person shooter possibly

As a result of a recent alliance with DOSBox Deathmatch Club, my FFA QuakeWorld server has gained a ton more activity than it did before, and I've received some feedback from OpenRift (the group's owner) regarding what could be done to make changes to the server. QuakeWorld server maintenance will begin on June 27th at 6:00 PM EST so adjustments can be made. Hopefully it won't take too long.

I'm surprised how much activity the server got, it seems it peaked at 15 players thanks to the DM club's event for Quake's 25th anniversary. A lot of the maps in the rotation seem to be unable to handle that capacity without spiraling into total chaos and confusion. Now that this is clear, the FFA server will need to have its capacity cut in half to avoid situations like this:

Watch video: batchinst.avi Absolute hell breaks loose (MP4)

Server Split

Reducing the server's capacity ought to warrant a split in the server since a lot more players seem interested in it. On top of that, I've been told that the server is not really vanilla enough, mainly having to do with weapon/item respawns conforming to KTX modifications rather than what QuakeWorld originally used.

To address the desires of both kinds of players, the server "1999 Grand Cross" at port 28501 will be adjusted to become more vanilla, while a new server will be created at port 28503 which will have the KTX weapon/item respawns as well as be more open for a selection of custom maps down the road.

Other Changes

Several other changes will be applied to both servers as well:

  • Matchless countdown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds
  • Many more maps thrown into rotation (hope you got PAK1!)
  • Frag limits set to 40
  • E1M8 and END removed from rotation (funny maps)

As these new changes are applied, I will be taking more feedback on how these servers can be further finetuned, as well as what exactly could be added to the new server. I'm also considering appointing another admin or two to the servers to help keep things well managed while I'm off doing other things like rewriting a program or wasting time on R-Type again. Please do not ask to be an admin; I know who I want for the job.

One thing that's already been taken care of is the issue with vanilla QuakeWorld clients previously being unable to connect. It turns out that the QuakeWorld server package I was using for Linux downloaded a ton of maps, including GPL versions of the stock maps which make vanilla QuakeWorld clients upset and refuse to connect due to a "mismatch". I've removed the excess maps, so now said clients are able to connect.

As I stated before, a lot more maps from PAK1, the non-shareware Quake file container, will be added into rotation. These maps require you to have a registered version of Quake on hand. It's Gaben season still, so I would really just suggest you go and buy Quake if you haven't already. If you get it from Steam, you can overwrite the Steam executables with normal ones hosted on the FTP server. Downloads for non-shareware Quake content will NOT be provided here! If there's demand for a shareware-only server, I'd be willing to consider that, but I won't be doing it for a while nonetheless.

I've neglected the QuakeWorld servers for the longest time, but thanks to the recent event from tonight, hopefully the servers will become much more enjoyable for everyone after the changes are applied. Who knows, maybe one day I will finally be in the mood to put them on a master server. Until then, do keep me posted on how things are going! As always, the QuakeWorld hub is located at this page.

Unreal (not Tournament)

As you may guess, Unreal Tournament 1999 has a number of pretty active servers already, so I see no need to fill any holes there. What I have been interested in doing for a while is starting up an Unreal Gold server in the near future, as that often tends to be overlooked. After doing some internal testing, I expect to start off with only a FFA deathmatch and a co-op server at most depending on how much system resources they'll take up. I trust it won't be much.

If any of you are interested in such a thing running 24/7, let me know and I might get onto that sooner.