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Society Collapsing? Blame the Scalies!

May 1st, 2021 at 7:50 PM by Kugee
Category: Art/Games

Scale the pink dragon has just burned down the most manly high testosterone civilization and is proud of it.

Take a look around you... the world is burning, wealth disparity is growing wider, a virus is ripping families apart, societal infighting is in an absolutely chaotic state, and I still can't get the latest Ryzen CPU... there's just so many large and small problems burdening the lives of so many people just trying to get by.

As overwhelming as it all is, everything can be traced to a single source. Is it incompetent governmental leadership? Do too few individuals own far too much more than they will ever use? Are our investments being gambled recklessly time and time again? Has our culture been primed up to be so violent? Did we never bother preparing ourselves for such punishing circumstances?

Wrong answer, pally... it's a scalie visual novel that ruined everything. It initated a global financial crash, it caused my parents to divorce, and then it burned down my entire neighborhood! How could it cause so much damage? 'Cuz it's cringe and it's fuckin' cringe and uh oh my god what the hell why do you talk to dragons it stupid IJOFP34909TG4K50P4509,IO


Nintendo is Evil and Holding Minds Hostage

April 20th, 2021 at 4:10 PM by Kugee
Category: Games

Larvitar running away from a steamroller!!!

I'm sure this company needs little introduction... at least one of us here has to have played one of the games put out under this giant name. It's ingrained in the back of the minds of many generations, and I think it would be safe to say that Mario is more famous than Mickey Mouse now. People love their games with good reason - they've tended to be very well refined and innovative, and that has made all the countless hours spent playing them very much worthwhile.

But lately, a lot of things have really slipped through the cracks... that's putting it too lightly, isn't it? What Nintendo has done in recent years is simply atrocious... yet it may just be them returning to their old selves in a way. I'm sure you've heard some of that before; a Smash tournament gets shut down because of a Slippi mod, fan works like AM2R get C&D'd to death, a Mario game is no longer playable after not even a year, and a tribute to Etika in the form of joycons gets the boot. Just how the fuck does Nintendo get away with all of this? Simple... gamers suck at boycotting, and a large portion of Nintendo's audience may not even have the capacity to be alarmed by such vices at this point in time.


Q&A3 Answers

March 25th, 2021 at 6:30 AM by Kugee
Category: Miscellaneous

The third Q&A session has received all of its questions over the course of two weeks. Now, it is time to answer them... of course, having vowed to stop making many more videos, my responses come in the form of text in an article instead of a full video like the last two. Pretty much everything's much easier this way.


Jedi Outcast Review

March 8th, 2021 at 11:20 AM by Kugee
Category: Games

Kyle Katarn gets into a lightsaber fight with a Reborn officer

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is the perfect game for even a non-Star Wars fan; after all, this is what first got me into Star Wars for a number of years! It's got everything one could ask for; an immersive environment faithfully modeled after the mainline movies, a simplistic yet effective storyline, rock solid lightsaber combat and force usage, as well as a wide arsenal of projectile weaponry to make use of in a variety of situations. Do be prepared for its high level of difficulty if it is concern, though.

Jedi Outcast is the fourth overall installment in the Dark Forces series, the rest which also will not let you down. It takes place some time after the game's protagonist, Kyle Katarn, defeated the dark Jedi lord Jerec to stop him from attaining absolute power concentrated from within the Valley of the Jedi, a location which is once again a key subject to Jedi Outcast's plot.


The Most Important YouTube Videos

February 17th, 2021 at 2:00 PM by Kugee
Category: Internet

Thumbnails of some of the most important videos

It seems no matter what I try to find these days, there's hardly anything worth my time, so I end up watching nothing new at all on some days, or, worse yet, rewatch my old works on a really boring day. It seemed as if it was much easier to find some crazy new thing ten years ago, like a bonkers GMod skit or a video on a hilariously broken Windows 98 machine that seems to have been deleted long ago. What was it called? Something among the likes of "Worst Computer Ever! I can't believe I didn't win."

Everything is too conforming nowadays, videos on the watch page sidebar are almost never related to what I'm watching anymore, and using brute force to search for the unknown good videos rarely works out due to a lot of the browsing functions of past times being cut out... category filters, honors, statistical sorting, and whatever else there was... it's a useless, unwinnable battle to find anything good, if such things are still being made these days. I know they exist, I just haven't found them except on a few occasions.

I mean, YouTube must have hundreds of billions of videos available to watch. I'm sure I've watched at least parts of several millions of them over the years... maybe not that much, but in that entire span, very few have stood out exceptionally even amongst the thousands of great videos I've seen. I'd like to discuss some of these here in my very first listicle... because that's totally not a winning business model of corporate journalism.