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Here, you'll find extensive documentation to some of my large-scale projects such as videos, operating system remasters, and programs.


The First Cell

Insanely hectic arcade action in the form of ASCII text characters crammed into 4.77 MHz.



A JimboVideo with more depth than what a video by itself can contain.



A reworking of Windows 98 Second Edition that implements its own methodology to give you the leaner Windows 95 shell in this slightly newer operating system. Much more convenient than an external remastering tool on a CD, and works great on a 486!


A demonstration of 30 hardware configurations (and one more), relaying from one system to another as they play through Quake in its entirety.

Windows 95D Lite

Based on Windows 95B, this install CD allows you to get Windows 95 working on your old hardware with many of the latest updates and an abundance of new drivers way ahead of Windows 95 itself.


Windows 95D

The original incarnation of Windows 95D Lite, but more so a proof of concept that it is indeed possible to get certain Windows 98 things to work in Windows 95.


A set of Bash scripts that aid in dynamically remastering Windows 9x to your liking.



An exhaustive benchmark of a Pentium III and Pentium 4 machine, each running eight different versions of Windows.


Hardcore Windows

Three series extensively covering each old version of Windows in great depth, each comprised of seven videos.