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BIGEYE - Quake on 30 Different Computers

Bigeye is a series of four videos demonstrating a wide variety of hardware in action, relaying a completely playthrough of Quake from one system to another. This is the largest scale video project on my channel to date, utilizing 29 different motherboards, 22 processors, 29 video cards, 7 operating systems, all aiding in the Quake playthrough at 9 different resolutions.

Video collection: Watch Bigeye on Razorback

Due to the total length of the edited footage, Bigeye is split into four episodes:

  1. Dimension of the Doomed
  2. The Realm of Black Magic
  3. The Netherworld
  4. The Elder World

Also check out the production log and post-Bigeye memo

Quake on a 486 DX2

At a glance, much of the hardware used in Bigeye stretches from the years 1993 to 2006, but is mostly concentrated on hardware ranging from 1996 to 2000. That 486 DX2 pictured above is as close as I can get to where retro computing really started for me; more details about that can be found on the page for Episode 1, as well as every other computer used in Bigeye in their respective pages.