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I am your eyes in the digital realm.

By day I'm a computer artist, by night I'm sleeping... by the other day I'm a self-made technician, and by that other night I'm staying up late trying to figure out solutions. With the web really taking off now, I figure I should jump in while it's still ripe and share some of my knowledge to free up your own upcoming night for sleeping!

Later on I may implement a search form here, but for now, feel free to refer to any of the pages I've created which may be of help to you. Keep in mind that I'm just getting started here, so I may not have all the answers you may need as of now, and some links redirect to pages that don't exist yet. I do like to plan ahead, of course.


Shutting Down Your Computer


MS-DOS Command Line Basics
How to Install MS-DOS 6
Setting File Attributes
Setting the PATH Variable
Partition a Hard Disk in MS-DOS

Windows NT

How to Install Windows NT
Managing Shutdown Rights in Windows NT

Created by Bugfix on October 5th, 1995, and ongoing...