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Day 3: Quake on Voodoo2 8MB + Pentium 133

Originally encoded on August 24th, 2015 and published the following day

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Windows 95 starting GLQuake

I ended up fixing the messy Windows 95 installation off screen the following day after the second segment was published. Soon enough, it was happily running with 16-bit color video output, crispy sound, and 3D game acceleration powered by a Voodoo2. Of course, a Voodoo2 is way far ahead of something as clunky as the Packard Bell Legend 994CDT, but it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume one would want to install such a card in there. After all, the damn thing was running Windows 98 up until it was set on the backburner in 2002.

After having gotten it all working, well, there wasn't really much to say about this one. It can play Quake... and it's pretty competent for that even without a 3D accelerator. I have a Gateway 2000 P5-133 with the same 133MHz Pentium and lack of L2 cache, and it'll handle software rendering just fine with a good PCI video card.

3dfx cards are pretty resilient. Although I wasn't aware of this until later, the Voodoo2 I used had a missing capacitor, and it seems to have arrived that way when I bought it back in 2012. Of course, once another capacitor broke off by my own hand, I knew I had to just stop using it until I learned how to solder, which didn't happen for a long time until preparations for Bigeye began.

Fun fact: part of the footage for Day 4 was recorded directly before Day 3's Quake footage. I just went through some of the help stuff on real hardware, and jumped right onto GLQuake once I was done with that, all in a single take. For more Quake stuff on real hardware, Bigeye covers a much wider scope, but the next day, or rather the same day, will elaborate a bit more on Windows 95's help system!