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Hardcore Windows

When it's not enough to start up and shut down, load up one's favorite pasttime game, or show off a desktop theme, Hardcore Windows is here to show you old school Windows in a new light. Comprised of three different video series, this ought to give you new ideas on what you can do with the "obsolete" hardware and software you have on hand.

This online hub provides written commentary and additional insight into the production of these videos.

Hardcore Windows 95

August 21st, 2015 - September 12th, 2015

  1. Transferrring Files through Parallel and Infrared Ports
  2. Installing Windows 95 using a Network Client Startup Disk
  3. Quake on Voodoo2 8MB + Pentium 133
  4. The Sophisticated Windows 95 Help Feature
  5. Windows 95 Goes Online in 2015
  6. Exploring the Windows 95 CD-ROM
  7. Windows 10 on a 133MHz Pentium from 1996???