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Prelude to Whale

So here we are, in the olden days where I was not even a blip on the radar, and the world was just getting started with descending into total chaos! I have never been one to make an abundance of videos, but back in 2015 I made even less. To really give you an idea of why that was the case, I suppose I should enlighten you on where I came from, specifically in what I think can only be regarded as the Latios era - a time where there were no whales in sight, and any such thing as being mindful of what I do was more of an afterthought than anything else.

The name comes from exactly what you'd guess - I used to brand myself with a Latios avatar. These days it would be the furthest from what you'd expect from me, but I was really shit at drawing until I got myself a used Wacom Bamboo tablet to see if I could start making digital art competently again. That seems to have worked out in the long run, and now I only draw original characters for my profile icons. My "better" Latios icons came about when I took a very "artistic" step to stop using anime screenshots and just take a picture of a 3D model in Garry's Mod. I could care less about it now, so if you're a bigtime Latios fan, just have these pictures and go wild. All you've gotta do is crop 'em down.

Anyway, the Latios era was a time where I didn't necessarily put technology front and center. All I really even had going for me was some editing skills I was developing elsewhere in the form of freestyle shitposts. On top of that, this era happens to span two channels, one which was created in January 2013 and had nothing to do with retro tech at all. In fact, I didn't even know what I wanted it to be. One of my favorite things to come out of that channel was a heavily annotated "playthrough" of Pokémon Red, which really turned out to be nothing more than a prank with the spooky Game Boy Camera faces. Get it, 'cuz he picked "RUN"?

There was very little substance in that channel, and no direction whatsoever. A video was either a minor hit or a major miss. I did have some ambition to resume producing comedy skits, but it was pretty much impossible to get anything filmed because I never had other actors available, so I was sitting on a ton of screenplays that never saw the light of day. Focus on this channel came to a screeching halt when the notorious Google+ comment update locked me out because I wasn't using a real name. I held out as long as I possibly could, but now this was it! I knew I had to switch to an alternative, and punish YouTube for what they had done!! Look how well that turned out - there was nothing to watch on that site, no sense of organization, and it literally used the same template as ZippCast. So... back to YouTube!

The new convention of YouTube accounts was bizarre, and a far cry from what I knew years before this happened. Now, instead of one channel per email, an account could create multiple channels easily. There were personal channels, and there were brand channels. Brand channels seem to have not been subjected to the real name policy. I called upon an older socket pupper of mine and created a new brand channel on top of it, which I proudly labeled "NO I DIDN'T".

...yeah, the update was painful, but it may have saved my ass in the end. My new channel started with a very short thing that was originally meant to be part of something larger, which I would've called YouTube Sorcery. This thing never happened because I immediately ran dry on ideas for it. So where do I go from here?

I did have a few old computers hanging around, two of which I attentively upgraded as much as I could. I thought about making videos of them, and eventually got started with something in February of 2014. I tried what I could to give my videos a bit of spice, but of all the things I began work on, only three videos were ever made in that year. Sometimes I'd just tell myself something simply isn't going to work, or it's too much of a strain to keep going with it. I was fat, drowsy, and drugged up on pills for the enrichment of paying attention in classroom, so making anything was like trying to climb a mountain for me.

For the most part, anything I did manage to make might get some attention here and there, and the notification bell was a short burst of excitement; maybe I got some new feedback on what little I finished. I felt more compelled to either do more shitposting in secret, do more gaming than necessary, or just lay in bed browsing the internet aimlessly. I made several desperate measures to see if maybe I could score some clout, including jumping late into the fad of montage parodies and making a new "But Proto!" graphic for ProtoMario.

In a nutshell, the Latios era was slow, boring, and sleepy. Slowly I would begin to pick up a bit more productivity here and have fun with it, but it wouldn't be until around Windows 95's 20th anniversary that I would start to hit a turning point. Thus we exit the Latios era and enter the hardcore era, starting with a seven video series called Hardcore Windows 95.

Jump to the Hardcore Windows 95 commentary, and you'll see how my channel really started to change along the way!