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Let's start with some of the stuff directly pertaining to Sunfish itself... I burned through a ton of scripts regarding its storyline, some of which were too long and overly complex. I was also planning to concentrate much of the story directly after the hardware/software demos, something to catch everyone off guard like the dangerously relevant codec call from Metal Gear Solid 2. Some involved Basifuk and/or Death Ibex still being the good guy, others revealed their true intentions. There were going to be more details regarding who the rest of the maroon whales were, such as that only 20-70 remained in existence.

The main reason behind the apparent role reversals of Basifuk and Samson McLarson is rather simple - Basifuk was initially established as a creepy phantom that was intended to leave viewers unsettled by his vague, aggressive nature. His very existence was meant to be profane to all that is sane - he has fuck in his name, derived from a Pac-Man glitch in an AVGN episode of all things. Samson was established as some dumb goofball that frequently flails his arms while talking in news broadcasts. Which is more menacing?

Propaganda can have profound effects on those who don't know any better, which is one of the reasons why tech bros are useful idiots in perpetuating talks about dumb ideas like the metaverse. So what if it was Basifuk that was pulling the strings on the mass slaughter of the maroon whales? Was he trying to get revenge for something? Whatever his intentions were, Death Ibex has since grown more powerful and intelligent than Basifuk, or anything that ever lived on this planet.

But it's not like you need someone as powerful as Death Ibex to distort anyone's mind; Basifuk himself could do that just as well to Samson, who was meant to be an agent for Ice Chimera.

In regards to scripts, one of the messier ones did end up getting narrated with that Duke Nukem impression ZLegendaryGamer is able to pull off. The writing proved to be disastrous when one of his lines was too long, causing him to lose his voice for several hours one morning. Before that script's narration could be completed, a newer, more concise one was submitted that leaves me as Grey Fish to be the one who establishes some of the more verbose points of the plot.

So... yeah, that was strenuous, but at least we eventually managed to settle on some good recordings. I wasn't sure if that Duke voice was even going to be called upon as I was conflicted over the tone I wanted to give the video; such a voice could've only worked with the more chaotic nature which Sunfish eventually stuck to. In case you haven't gotten the idea by now, please don't ask for too much from him, as he's still working on doing voice lines for a Duke Nukem mod... but furthermore, trying to use someone solely to get more views and attention for a video based on a gimmick is pretty scummy.

As Sunfish opted to overlay the story on the recordings of Windows 95 and the like in a way where it would try to devour them, I was in a position where I could visualize it in a highly unconventional manner. There was one other guy I wanted to call upon the talents of to help with this task; surely you must know by now that we go way back.

Elite fighter bipedal carp with bandanna

I proposed to commission LooneyDude to create some 2D animations centered around an anthropomorphic carp, mocking that Meta video going all "oh flying koi fish? that's new..." It's not so much about this character being a carp as it is how he came into this form, though. I previously talked about how the metaverse may very well just be a stepping stone to bringing full-fledged artificial organisms into reality, which could very well just be heavily tweaked versions of what already exists.

Rough sketches from LooneyDude based on proposed ideas for the carp in question

I got these rough sketches visualizing how this carp might have been animated - he beats up silhouette men and zaps them in pools with Quake's thunderbolt weapon. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible - the silhouette men would only require filling in one basic enough outline, there was hardly any background environment at all, and furthermore, shading and coloring were largely out of the question (as they would have obstructed more of the computer footage anyway).

2D animation of carp's bandanna ties waving

My budget for the commission proved too small, as did the timeframe to get it done. Not surprising, considering I had done a few 2D animations myself as a fallback strategy. They were a pain in the ass to draw and turned out messy. There's some kind of indescribable wizardry or insane persistence required in many fields like programming and hand-drawn 2D animation. For the former, hell yeah, I'd love to work on my programs more; I would gladly spend plenty of time to make them faster, more resilient, and more compatible, but that 2D animation thing is just something I don't have in me.

I wasn't willing to give up on having any kind of animation at all, though. I turned back to my initial plan to use Blender, but to speed up production time, once again I was going to keep things simple. I created a 3D wireframe model of a bipedal carp and rigged it, then I animated it according to some of the ideas I had previously proposed. That, too, was tedious, but at least there I managed to create something passable, if not halfway decent. Just gotta keyframe the bones correctly and make the render, right? The models and renders were completed in a matter of days, in part due to the new CPU I acquired. It's not Alder Lake, unfortunately; Intel converging integrated graphics with high performance is very respectable, but they still have a lot of work to do with efficiency in heavy workloads, I think. Their sucky marketing was inevitably going to keep many people like me stuck on AMD.

I ended up finding that the 3D wireframe style fit in a lot better with the chaotic and mysterious nature of the story as well as the software being showcased. We're going over late 90's 3D games, right? The computers they're designed for couldn't hold that many polygons in memory - certainly far more than those from the early 90's, but still, what better way to represent the emergence of truly 3D gaming than with wireframe models to represent the low poly counts?

I've come to avoid the use of the word "subscribe" due to how many generic careerist YouTubers use it to move up the ranks using the most gullible of their audience, but I need you to do me a favor. Me and LooneyDude have known each other since 2007, and while we have diverged to our own paths, I've been watching him develop his talents all the way up to the professional level he's attained now, and he's working on a highly ambitious full-fledged cartoon. Considering YouTube's algorithm is not very kind to such passion projects, I want you to subscribe to his channel and be there to watch his animation once it drops.

Lastly, there was going to be considerably more shown of Windows NT 4.0 than a one minute time lapse and the resulting intro rendered in 3ds MAX; I wanted to show how one could technically get away with utilizing certain power management features in Windows NT, which at best had a very crude implementation of APM in a service pack, but largely none at all besides a UPS service for automatically shutting down unattended machines running on battery power. I'll just leave it at this statement: if you can connect a suspend button (or repurposed turbo button for that matter) to the motherboard, or you can reprogram an ATX power button or assign a certain hotkey in the BIOS settings, yes, you can suspend the computer from Windows NT 4.0. You can also make hard disks connected to the onboard IDE controller spin down after a certain amount of time through the same setup utility; Windows NT will passively yield for a BIOS power management configuration.

The Original Direction

Death Ibex could've gone in one of many ways, even back in 2015 when its name was first revealed. After Basifuk made his debut, I wanted to make him yet more of a twisted evil. No, seriously, one of the earliest scripts I wrote was fucking dark, it involved Basifuk holding some unknown victim captive and executing him in an infinite time loop, an eternal damnation of sorts. As for which enemy organization Basifuk was after, the script from March 2016 makes no mention of soy; he wanted to bring down the Futureheart Foundation, which supposedly committed some heinous atrocities. The victim was accused of destroying key evidence that could be used to prosecute them.

One such atrocity of Futureheart was using some giant machine with buzzsaws to tear open a live whale... wouldn't tugboats be cheaper? Yeah, this script is insanely violent, so let's just cut to the chase... the victim created the Casino virus for MS-DOS, which destroyed damning evidence Basifuk found on a floppy disk that was dropped from a boat. Yes, that one. Though, keep in mind that the maroon whale was not invented until June of that year. Some of the violent dialogue was influenced by the highly aggressive data strings found in the virus: "HA HA !! You asshole, you've lost: say Bye to your Balls ..."

Upside down LOGOW.SYS from Windows 95

If you're wondering what the fuck was the deal with that upside down LOGOW.SYS in the first day of Hardcore Windows 95, a new LOGOS.SYS was made which pertained to the aforementioned script, but I don't remember why it was loaded on the Tecra 8100 of mine. Maybe I was going to create a very casual demo video of it like I did with my 486 computer, WinBook XL, and what not, which would be followed by that torment scene.

A few months later, another script for Basifuk was written that was meant to take place on June 8th, 1995. This script wasn't very long, it just described how Death Ibex was able to afflict so many computers: being a conscious spirit, it is highly skilled at manipulating electrical currents around it to alter CPU instructions and RAM contents to its liking. The whole monologue was interrupted by the pizza being finished. Yep... pizza.

Toshiba T3100 computer running The Hard Disk Manager

Yet another script was written in August during a long road trip. This script adapted the one from March to use the same Casino virus from before (albeit a sterilized version), but was made less extreme (not by much) and pitched a new name that would become a staple in the overarching story - the Eternal King of Soy. And, as mentioned before, "soy" came from some kid I knew from school who one day complained the peanut butter in his sandwich was soy butter. I'll take ideas from just about anything, I suppose.

For a long time, I've had high hopes of one day being able to return to creating multi-actor live action skits, but that was something that never came to be, as plausible as it seemed. As someone who had gone on one or a few boating trips with my grandpa when I was really young, I wondered - with a small boat handy, would I be able to film a certain scene I've had in mind depicting what followed a whaling incident from 1988? Somehow, some floppy disks containing evidence concerning the whaling would happen to be on that boat, and Basifuk would somehow jump on there and steal them.

Alas, it was something that could only be told; all that could be shown was loading said floppy disks into a Toshiba T3100. The disk sure didn't contain much, only 6,653 bytes of text in four files, the most important one being QUOTA.TXT:

            *** TRIBUTE TO SOY KING ***



RIGHT           | $4000 EST     | UNDIGESTABLE
HUMPBACK        | $3500 EST     | MODERATE
BLUE            | $8000 EST     | DELICIOUS
BOWHEAD         | $4500 EST     | MODERATE
GRAY            | $2500 EST     | UNDIGESTABLE
COMMON          | $250 EST      | ROT INSTEAD
PACIFIC         | $300 EST      | UNDIGESTABLE
SPINNER         | $250 EST      | MODERATE
PILOT           | $600 EST      | GOODER
A bunch of garbage text that will not be read. If you are reading this text and
recording a video with it, you've failed! Otherwise, stop pestering me. This is
for a video that's part of a pseudo-creepy side story that runs on my YouTube
channel. Forget I said that, though... this laptop's clock is set to 1989 and
you better not change it to the "correct" date! oawsejfwiojefpoawehfoiasdjfgv

So, the Soy King Tribute was meant to be whaling many types of whales, including the smaller ones they call dolphins. What for? Money, I guess... definitely a strange way to fund a cult, but that's why it is one, after all. Though $8,000 is an insanely low appraisal for a blue whale, I would think. Are they really that worthless, according to that one social media post that claimed sunfish just take up space in the ocean doing nothing but derping out? (If you believe this, I suspect it was satirical, but it's a crock of shit either way; they eat jellyfish, how can you not love that?)

Filming began in September, and I even went through the trouble of creating fake glass to enhance Basifuk's negative expression towards his data suddenly being wiped, though that glass really stuck to the foil. An old blanket was laid out for me to throw the glass on, and boy, this is something you REALLY don't want laying around for long. It WILL adhere, and ruin any fabric permanently; not even a garden hose can save it! Narration was also done on site as well, and so it looked as if the video was bound to get finished, but... it never was. After all of that, too!!

It wouldn't be until February 2017 that I would write another script trying to establish the Eternal King of Soy, which would finally manifest into a proper video the following year after I took a long break due to the excessive popularity I was attaining at an alarming rate. But even then, there was an entire phone call I cut out from the video, and the script that came to be had to be cut down to size. Furthermore, there was another script which would involve an argument between JimboVideo staff in June 1999, a time when the company met its downfall.

The argument basically involved talks about sales of video tapes plummeting in spite of the production staff working so hard on them. One guy who I suppose is completing his coup of the company told Robert Roberts that his videos were not Year 2000 compliant in contrast to the dumb new Spiritually Connected sitcom that was put on the air recently. The well respected Robert was fired, and presumably had nowhere to go at that point. I suppose the attitude reflects how YouTube would come to treat my hard work in the years that followed - with nothing but total contempt unless the video is somehow deemed clickable.

This script relates to another one written in October, taking place in February 1999. Already, JimboVideo is being eaten from the inside out, and Basifuk doesn't have much elsewhere to go due to potentially hostile Soy King forces patrolling grounds near him. Three days later, a plate of pancakes is inexplicably on the floor, as is a letter next to it. Who brought in the pancakes, and who sent the letter? Only the one who knows the complete truth behind Death Ibex, of course...

Monochrome bitmap animated cutscene, agent captures an intruder of HQ

Yet another script was written in December depicting a monologue from September 1999, where Basifuk mentioned that the remaining good employees of JimboVideo created their final project there called "Water Simulations", a tape documenting the development of, well, a water-based life simulation. Yes, I've been sitting on this idea for four years, and I was looking forward to working with a collaboration group on this new JimboVideo after we got done making an insanely energetic 15 minute video that partly included a story relating to... guess what, a reality simulation. I'm surprised more people don't talk about this, because it seems like a very plausible path to the creation of artificial life with the exact desired results.

Unfortunately, I was having qualms with the group later on, and silently drifted away from it until it was dismantled due to newcomers being more obsessed with fame and monetary funding, I think. Nobody really got the idea behind it, it was meant to pump adrenaline in viewers to get up and do real shit. We were truly the last keepers of the old YouTube, the ones who understood art in video. Now everything's all talking for 15-40 minutes about benign shit and spoonfeeding the answers. People want the old YouTube back, but they never go to it, so what's the fucking point?

Three more Basifuk scripts were written in 2018, all which took place between December 1998 and May 1999. There's not much to them, really, just some technical issues, a mentioning of a Quake duel, and references to the all-important clamshell (trying to explain an extremely spontaneous idea). One such quote sticks out, though:

It's been years since I last saw the light of the sky... I stopped releasing tapes because I wanted to take time to readjust my mind. The thought of victory being so far out of my reach in spite of everything I've tried has ultimately stopped me from inching closer to attaining it. Turning my focus from working on DEATH IBEX to simply living life as it is has helped me a bit, but it does not feel fulfilling at all. Somehow I feel like I can bust my ass off working on something with great integrity and attention to detail, yet shortly after I feel I've done the same as absolutely nothing.

It's not the "it's been years since I last went outside" part that I took note of, it's how no matter how hard Basifuk works, it ends up feeling like absolutely nothing days after the fact. This is exactly how I feel after making a video. Bust ass off, post video, get injected with activity for a short while, forget what even happened. Doesn't anyone get it? They beg me to make more videos, yet they seem oblivious to the sacrifices I've had to make in order to make the videos as good as I possibly can. I've been wanting to break free from this cycle for years.

Not much more of Basifuk was ever written after that, as I was getting the feeling that making another Basifuk tape wasn't really worth the trouble at that point. What is everyone gonna see, more of a creepy phantom doing stuff at a computer?

Larger Projects

After I got Hardcore Windows 98 and Arowana out of the way in early 2019, I wanted to remain out of sight from the public. After nuking my first Discord server, I confined myself to a small private group where I'd share most of my developments in experimenting with Windows 95 Setup and other things. I hoped to surprise viewers by stacking many giant video projects far ahead of time and unloading all of them on a random day, staggered weekly or so. I planned several projects, each with their own codename.

When the codename Bigeye was first written in March 2019, it had nothing to do with Quake. It was just a name to indicate the second step in a new future loaded with bigger and badder videos. Bigeye was going to be an extremely comprehensive reference video of building a computer powered by a 440BX chipset. Seriously, it covered everything - Socket 370 adapters, SCSI connectivity, differences between PCI and AGP, PXE booting, monitor refresh rates, speakers powered by the sound card, and fucking MODEMS. It may have had a chance of being successful, but the scope was so giant that there was no fucking way it was ever going to enter production, despite an 86KB script being written before it was left behind. Best you just download the incomplete script and make what you will of it. Some of the stuff may be inaccurate (Abit boards need bigtime recapping).

Download: 440bx_new.txt

Project Cisco was going to be a tutorial of networking old computers together with MS-DOS and Windows - something I still think sorely needs to be a guide on this website eventually. Another listed codename was Dace, but the 440BX build guide was moved to that slot before it was canned. What took Bigeye's slot was another benchmark video putting various Pentium III motherboards against each other, all from Asus - a P3B-F, a TUSL2-C, and a TUV4X.

Other such ideas that never made it to production included a video tape called "Windows 95 OSR2 Resource Kit", another video of Davis Brandon at SquidNet's workplace (as a tribute to The Website is Down), and a Booger King 3. Yeah, I was going to make another one of those, where the guy inside the car with no tires would be revealed to be none other than Magolor. He drove home to bring that food he ordered at the drive thru for the other Magolors or whatever I'm supposed to call them. I wanted to create a 3D model of Magolor in 3ds MAX myself, but that too may have been enough to forget about the project eventually.

Usually they had frozen microwave goods, but after being unhappy with the poor quality of Booger King, they opened their own restaurant to compete with it, called McO'lor's. Even though McO'lor's used the same frozen microwave food they had at home, the restaurant was a smashing success, leaving Booger King trembling. This microwave food restaurant draws inspiration from a real place - according to some banter, some restaurant that happened to be fairly popular apparently cooks their servings in the microwave. That sure is a startup idea...

When I moved to Vlare until its demise, I regained motivation to make tons more videos of computers, but to tell you the truth, I wasn't 100% enjoying it then, either. Apart from the frequent frustrating outages I felt I had to explain away, I also thought I had to make my videos a certain way to attain broad appeal, rather than simply applying my own style completely unfiltered. There were exceptions, of course, but conforming to a very direct, standardized commentary-driven approach to making videos is not exactly something I'd call super fun. I wanted to make more weird shit involving Basifuk and the like, but I had concerns that people wouldn't even understand who the fuck I was; I had to prove I was of value to the site and not just another shitposter like absolutely everyone on VidLii.

There's probably an avalanche of other unused materials I could bring up here, but trying to cover them all would be incredibly difficult. In the last page, I will give my final word on YouTube and everything that surrounds it as I finally break free from this dreadful chore.