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Redtoast - what Windows 98 should've been...

Alpha 4

Redtoast development was reset due to a number of things, including the Internet Explorer implementation being very rocky. It still is, given the Internet Explorer icon goes missing if you use the classic shell; that has yet to be worked out. While Alpha 4 tries to get back up to par with Alpha 3a, it is technically based on a blank slate, and the enhancements from Alpha 3a were just quickly spliced in there.

Alpha 3a

Fixes issues with Internet Explorer not opening without the new shell installed and device detection. Also adds lines in MACHINE2.INF and MSHDC.INF for Intel chipset drivers. SYSDM.CPL reverted to original Windows 98 version.

A Sound Blaster 128 PCI WDM driver is also included for the sake of convenience for VMware users. Benchmarks will have to be done later to decide whether it is more practical to use WDM or VxD.

Alpha 3

Redtoast Alpha 3 desktop, System Properties, copying files

Fixes USB 2.0 support, adds back the Internet Explorer 5.5 + IE shell components. Support for SATA devices and systems with 3GB of RAM are added.

Alpha 2

Fixes 95 shell bugs, adds NUSB 3.6 and some essential updates. Also inculdes some stuff seen in Windows 95D Lite.

Redtoast Alpha 1 desktop, about box

Alpha 1

Initial release. Removes many extra Windows 98 components and adds in the Windows 95 shell.