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Redtoast Issues

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Issue Reported Priority Comments
Drag and drop bug 12/29/2020 Medium User reports KernelEx with K-Meleon 74 installed breaks drag and drop functionality in Windows 95 Explorer.
Insufficient chipset integration 1/8/2021 Medium While some Intel chipset drivers have been integrated, anything from ICH2 and later does not activate AGP support. Known to crash Q3A-based games in certain instances, can be remedied by installing the original chipset package.
Restart in MS-DOS mode doesn't work 1/8/2021 Low When selecting MS-DOS mode from the Shut Down dialog, Windows sometimes refuses to do so and plays a default sound instead.
Disk prompt during Setup 1/8/2021 Fixed During the first boot portion of Setup, the user is asked to supply the path to the Windows setup files. When installing from a CD, the files are inaccessible because the second boot has not been reached yet.
Theme icons don't change 1/8/2021 Low When the Windows 95 shell is active, the theme manager doesn't change theme icons when switching to another theme.
Setup locks up when using ACPI 10/5/2021 High Setup may lock up on certain systems if ACPI is used. The cause is not clear; an updated ACPI driver or something may be needed in the distribution. This can be remedied by forcing the use of APM with the /pi switch.

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