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Game Servers

Razorback hosts a few servers for several old games. These servers are configured to be able to work with the original clients as well as modern source ports, if applicable. These servers are often favored in regular events hosted by DOSBox Deathmatch Club.

  1. QuakeWorld
  2. Jedi Outcast
  3. Unreal


The origin of the fully 3D arena shooter. QuakeWorld is an official multiplayer-only fork of Quake which is better optimized for internet gameplay. While it was primarily designed to compensate for the latency exhibited by dial-up modems of the time, it still remains a necessity even today for those engaging in multiplayer Quake. Remember the golden rule: weapons 1-5 are useless!

Razorback powers a small number of QuakeWorld servers based in New York, mostly sticking to vanilla maps while using some mods such as KTX to provide practical gameplay enhancements.


  • Phoebus Apollo: razorback95.com:28503 (8 players, 10 minutes, 40 frags, FFA-3) (preferred)
  • 1999 Grand Cross: razorback95.com:28501 (8 players, 10 minutes, 40 frags, FFA-1)
  • Abyssal Dependence: razorback95.com:28502 (2 players, 10 minutes, no frag limit, 1on1)

Getting Started

There are a number of ways to get started playing QuakeWorld on the Razorback servers. What exactly you'll need will depend on the hardware you're using and how you plan to play Quake.

Get Quake!

First and foremost, you need the game resources themselves. If you want the full version, you can either buy Quake from a digital storefront like Steam or GOG, or purchase a CD-ROM second-hand.

You can also download the shareware version mirrored on Razorback. The self-extracting ZIP executable which runs in MS-DOS is not needed unless your computer does not have a ZIP extractor.

Download: Quake shareware (ZIP archive, 8.67 MB)

Download: Quake shareware (self-extracting ZIP executable, 8.68 MB)

Connecting to Razorback

To connect to one of Razorback's servers, press the ` key to bring up the console. You must specify a port number following the domain name and a colon to connect to the desired server. To connect to the FFA server "Phoebus Apollo", type connect razorback95.com:28503.

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

As a late installment in the Dark Forces series, Jedi Outcast greatly refines lightsaber combat and force powers to be much more natural and spontaneous, fully immersing the player as a real Jedi in the expansive Star Wars universe. To date, this and its sequel, Jedi Academy, still remain top of the entire Star Wars game lineup.

Getting Started

After getting Jedi Outcast somehow, I recommend getting the JK2MV client if you plan to use a modern system. Otherwise, a vanilla client of version 1.04 should work fine.

To connect, open a multiplayer client, hold the shift key and press ` to bring up the console. All you need to do from there is type connect razorback95.com and press the enter key. The client will connect using the default port of 28070. Currently, only one server is being operated, which is set to Free for All with a 10 minute time limit and 40 frag limit.


The original incarnation from 1998, not to be confused with its multiplayer-only successor Unreal Tournament. Initially, Unreal was Epic's answer to Quake, but it serves as the roots of countless other games thanks to the popularity of its engine among developers. It has been forgotten by many, but not by us.

Getting Started

As of December 14th, 2022, Epic has inexplicably delisted Unreal from Steam, and it was also removed from GOG on December 23rd, so if you don't have it on there already, you may just need an actual CD-ROM of the game... or something. Unreal is shaky on modern systems, so unless you plan to run this on an old computer with an old operating system, it's best you get Version 227, which is maintained by a selection of members in the community who have access to the source. The most recent stable version of theirs is 227i.

There is also 227j, which I had trouble running the Linux x86_64 version on Arch due to buggy graphical output, but this one is MUCH newer. You may have better results with this one depending on your setup. 227j has made it possible for me to run a server on here with greater ease.

To connect, open the console by pressing ` (the tilde key) and type open razorback95.com. The port for this only server is 7777, but you shouldn't need to specify it since that's the default which Unreal uses. It is of the deathmatch kind, with a frag limit of 40 and a time limit of 10 minutes.