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Razorback hosts a wide variety of goodies, ranging from some of my own works in various sizes to mirrors of other obscure software that might be of use.

All the shortposts!

Short-form posts coming in text, images, and videos.


March 17, 2023 at 11:14 PM
We've been over this before. Please stop talking about the monetary worth of sound cards.

March 17, 2023 at 05:29 AM
Hang on... is it ethical to buy Tripp Lite products? Um...

March 17, 2023 at 04:46 AM
CyberPower is such an ass brand, can't stop turning off my computer for what may be no reason at all. I think my next UPS ought to come from Tripp-Lite...

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Tripod Sardine! Yawn, another 486 thing The best part of Windows
NEW - Tripod Sardine!

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Video: and the monkey of josh
December 06, 2018 - AIAI loves Balls MONKEY BALLS

Video: UH - OH !
April 07, 2021 - It turned out I needed to configure the video card to have 1 wait state because the 386 computer here runs at 40MHz.

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Audio: Idiotic Shutdown Sound
November 18, 2017 - Prank your friends with the very final conclusion to Windows 95! $2,500 in speaker damages! A classic gag for some ages!

Audio: Razorback Podcast Test Episode
February 03, 2023 - Revisiting the idea of running a podcast again after like three years. This time I don't have to worry about excessive video rendering.

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These links are largely comprised of sites which are known to work well under old browsers, and provide more useful resources for older computers.

Razorback Services

  • FTP - Razorback's anonymous FTP server. Connect with just about any client and download programs, Windows 9x remasters, and other goodies. (Modern browsers are killing off FTP, so you can alternatively access the FTP server's contents through HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Game Servers - Details on the various game servers Razorback hosts.


Blue OS Museum - A collaborative website loaded with reviews of countless prerelease builds of Windows and other operating systems, as well as OEM recovery discs.

LuxuryAerozona - My friend's website, and home of the Lizard Republic.

DreamProject - Run by blurry, home of Windows 98 Dream Edition and other such things.

THEBaratusII - Personal website of THEBaratusII, an administrator of the DOSBox Deathmatch Club.

DOSBox Deathmatch Club - An organization for regular deathmatch events of classic PC games through DOSBox.

ArcaneSpy - Another 90's-inspired website by ZLegendaryGamer for gamers.

icefairy.org - A static HTML website designed around Cirno from the Touhou Project.

hunt3r.me - A site about technology, cosplay, video, and retro stuff.

Other Sites

  • Nathan's Toasty Technology Page - the legendary archive of various GUIs and sins of Microsoft in its quest to dominate the web browser market. The way it's remained as simple, lightweight, and fast as it was many years back directly serves as inspiration for Razorback's own legacy-friendly design.
  • GUIdebook Gallery - another gallery of GUI screenshots, and a website that was integral to really get me deeper into retro computing 14 years back. This site has not been updated since 2006. (HTTPS required)
  • MDGx - a very large website containing tons of materials, archived documents, tips and tricks for old DOS and Windows, including an INF guide I reguarly looked to when remastering Windows 9x. The site is kind of clunky to use and rather painful to the eyes, but otherwise it's great.
  • Ralf Brown's Interrupt List - an HTML version of the most comprehensive reference of x86 interrupts available, last updated in 2000 and converted by Marc Perkel. A good resource for assembly programmers, but also a bit difficult to skim through.
  • INT 21h Reference - a descriptive reference sheet for interrupt vector 21h, used by MS-DOS to carry out all sorts of essential functions.
  • doom2.net - a site containing plenty of information and downloadables for all things Doom.
  • R. Loew Electronics Consulting - a website run by Rudolph Loew originally to sell his Windows 9x patches, now maintained by his family in his memory with all of his works available for free. (HTTPS, TLS 1.2 or later required)
  • PowerDVD3000 - a really great old school website documenting old computers and VHS stuff. Plenty of downloadable goodies here too.
  • Un4seen Developments - developers of various audio-related programs, including XMplay. Works on Windows 95!


OS Remasters

Legacy operating systems I have reworked to make more useful in a variety of cases.

  • Windows 95D - a rough attempt at integrating some useful updates into the setup process, as well as adding certain Windows 98 functions to Windows 95. This is buggy and is not recommended for regular use.
  • Windows 95D Lite - tightly integrates many drivers and updates into Windows 95 while providing an experience highly similar to that of Windows 95B.
  • Redtoast - the codename for an abandoned remaster of Windows 98SE that restores the older but faster Explorer shell from Windows 95.

Original Programs

Some small programs written entirely by me.

  • Infsect - a command line INF manipulation tool. This program offers built-in interactive prompting for input from a user, should it need to be used in a batch script.
  • APMTOGL - toggles APM poweroff in Windows 9x on or off by modifying WIN.COM.
  • Hierma (Linux-based) - a set of Bash scripts that can be used to dynamically remaster Windows 9x with various tweaks and your own drivers.
  • LAYTSPLT - a program used to split layout INFs in automated cabinet rebuild procedures for Windows 9x remasters.
  • The First Cell - Insanely hectic arcade action in the form of ASCII text characters crammed into 4.77 MHz.

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Razorback hosts a selection of third-party materials that may be of use in your endeavors. Click here to view the list of mirrors.

Prop Sites

These throwaway sites I've written in the past were specifically instrumental to carrying out the functions of the videos they've appeared in. Expect these to have a ton of pointers to nonexistent pages.

  • ElectroDeliver - one of the worst dial-up ISPs of the era.
  • JimboVideo - the official homepage of JimboVideo, a video production company with a slice of life but also a strong ambiguity as to who's in charge of it. A variant from 1996 was made for another video as well, but I've since had to hide it away for various reasons.
  • SquidNet - another dial-up and broadband ISP which is somewhat more respected but also has notoriety for censoring content it doesn't agree with.
  • Baleen's Bassy Web Page! - a website originally run by a largemouth bass. Thankfully it is not anymore.
  • 240P POLITICS - the web hub for the notable online political TV show.
  • Twin Razorback - Um...?!