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LAYTSPLT is a small command line program for breaking INF layout files apart. This program and its source code are in the public domain, and you can download a statically linked Windows executable from here.

Floppy disk Download LAYTSPLT (Win32, 26.5 KB)

Floppy disk Download source code (2.2 KB)

New Version

Recently, this program has been rewritten so that it is much simpler to use; you no longer need to add ;LAYTSTRT and ;LAYTEND commands. The program will automatically split a large layout file into as many files as needed. All you have to do is make sure your DDF file conforms to Windows 9x Setup's LAYOUT.INF syntax, and ensure the [SourceDisksFiles] section is the last one in the file so the other sections are properly replicated.

Of course, there are only around a couple of cases where you may need to use this program. Unless you are remastering Windows 95 OSR2 to Windows ME, you shouldn't ever need to use LAYTSPLT. This program merely exists for those who do need it.

How to Use (Old Version)

These instructions are no longer relevant to the new release, and merely reside here for archival purposes.

LAYTSPLT is an INF layout file splitting tool used in remastering large base cabinet sets in Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, and Windows ME. Because the Diamond and MAKECAB tools have no such mechanism available for splitting layout files themselves, this program is needed to ensure INFs fit under the ~60KB limit if you're automating the process.

In your DDF file, add a line like this to indicate the start of some lines which should only go in a specific file:

.InfWrite ";LAYTSTRT"

To stop making file lines exclusive to a file, write this in your DDF:

.InfWrite ";LAYTEND"

Repeat for any other lines you need contained in specific files. Your source INF should look something like this:

; This will be present in both files since it's outside a marker

; These goes in LAYOUT.INF only

; Same, except in LAYOUT1.INF

Please ensure there are no trailing characters in the line, as the program was rushed and is very picky as a result. LAYTSPLT will read the file for comments and can split your source INF into up to four other INFs named LAYOUT.INF, LAYOUT1.INF, LAYOUT2.INF, and LAYOUT3.INF, respecting the convention used by Windows 9x.