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Last updated on November 11, 1996

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Windows NT 4.0: The Best of Both Worlds

November 11th, 1996

I've rambled on previously about how much of a lifesaver Windows 95 has been for my everyday computing. At my home, Windows 95 does such great wonders when it comes to handling hardware and software. I use the taskbar so vigorously that it feels like primal instinct - something that everyone has always desired, something the human brain was truly optimized for, but had not been realized until recently. I almost completely forgot it was a relatively new feature, because it really is something that was always meant to be.

However, many of our computers run Windows NT 3.5x in order to maintain more robust security and stability. Although I can utilize the Program and File Managers quite effectively, these days I feel held back by it thanks to Windows 95's superior "Explorer" interface. Many of us have been grinding our teeth waiting for a new version of Windows NT with Windows 95's interface, and the new Windows NT 4.0 fulfills our wishes.

Finally, our staff are jumping on their toes ever so nimbly with this marvelous combination of Windows 95's usability with Windows NT's performance. We no longer have to go back to the clunky Program Manager! I'm really excited to show you fellow whales out there what you need and want to know about Windows NT 4.0, especially domain networking and Web/FTP services. Our new tape is expected to roll out at the beginning of 1997, but I can share a few tips with you right now... (caution: many screenshots!) Read more...

Tracker music is awesome!

October 30th, 1996

Are you tired of listening to the same pop music on the radio? Maybe the instrumentals are uninteresting, or the lyrics are stale on a beaten-to-death level. There's plenty of other options out there... maybe you're one of the cool, rebellious kids who rocks out to death metal, or you're a fine gentleman who prefers classical music. (Actually, the two genres do happen to have a connection...)

My musical preference happens to be much more underground. Do you know about tracker music? To put it simply, it's sort of like MIDI; both tracker and MIDI files store musical patterns. The key difference between the two is that MIDI patterns call up your sound card to play factory-configured OPL or waveform sounds, whereas waveform samples are stored inside the tracker files themselves. Therefore, tracker music will sound consistent across all computers capable of playing back waveform sounds. To my knowledge, it's the closest thing to a PCM music file while being compact enough for download over the Web.

There is so much hidden gold in the tracking scene, I can't even begin to count. My words wouldn't do justice, you'd have to listen to this music for yourself. To get you started, here's a link to Scream Tracker, and another link to some good tracker music. You know what the best part about this music is, though? IT'S ALL FREE!! You won't ever need to buy another album! ...just don't waste your phone bill, though.

Saving the whales is even more important than you think.

September 1st, 1996

You're on the right track if you're organizing a march to call for the end of whaling, and I think you're doing an even greater job if you're also speaking out against the commercialized cetacean captivity operated by SeaWorld and other such aquariums. I try to get it across to others that those chlorine tanks are too small for such active creatures, but everyone scoffs at me... because priorities. I thought we had the Marine Mammal Protection Act in place here???

Of course every good guy knows driving one poor little fella to extinction will cascade into many more extinctions. Even between land and sea, everything is connected; one species will depend on the existence of at least one other, and vice versa. Whales are a crucial part of the ocean, and deserve as much protection as any other endangered species. However, there's something else about cetaceans that's so important to the health and stability of this planet, yet few humans know about it and none did until the last few decades...

I almost get the feeling sharing this information may do more harm than good, yet my advanced knowledge on this matter tells me I'd be neglectful to not spread awareness about the Maroon Whales. They're a certain species of whale mostly residing at the bottom of Challenger Deep, and in most instances never surfacing for air in their entire 400-year lifespans due to their ridiculous lung capacity and efficiency. Most who've heard of the maroon whale think it's purely a hoax, but I've seen one myself. The maroon whales have stayed well hidden for most of their existence, standing by for any world-impeding crisis. Due to the uprising of the world-threatening cult known as the Tribute to the Eternal King of Soy, the maroon whales are waking up and they need your help. Read more...

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