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Last updated on April 25, 1998

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New clients! JimboVideo is expanding!

April 25, 1998

Our hard-working production staff here at JimboVideo greatly appreciates the countless feedback you've sent us over the last five years. It's difficult for us to go through all of the forms you've returned (our all-time form count just surpassed 100,000 last month!), but we've taken many of your suggestions and criticisms into account to further refine the quality of our instructional videos and make them even easier to understand.

When I founded JimboVideo, though, I originally wanted to provide video production services to amateur filmmakers and other small companies who want to create more advanced videos but can't invest the time or money to purchase the necessary equipment or learn how to use it. I talked with my co-founders one snowy night in January '93 about creating an instructional video to demonstrate our production skills as well as share my computer knowledge with the average user.

We understand video production can be tedious and costly, which is why we've always been offering the opportunity for more filmmakers to work with us. Only recently, however, we've received some client inquiries; quite a handful, in fact! Many of our new clients are pitching very innovative and unorthodox ideas, and I'm pleased to announce that JimboVideo is going to expand its corporate boundaries beyond computer instructional videos to more effectively handle the production of these new videos. Read more...

Optimizing Your PC: Updated Edition for 1998

December 3, 1997

"Optimizing Your IBM Compatible", although incredibly popular with computer enthusiasts and newcomers alike, has long fallen out of date thanks to rapidly changing technology. Nearly everything has changed over the last five years; the face of Windows changed completely between 3.1x and 95, 8088 and 286-based computers are deserted by today's large programs, and new CPUs from Intel and AMD bring yet more capabilities to desktop computers to the point where they rival RISC-based workstations!

To keep up with these drastic changes, we have produced a successor to "Optimizing Your IBM Compatible". This new video is simply called "Optimizing Your PC" to accomodate the fact that the personal computer market is almost completely dominated by IBM compatibles nowadays. In this video, we'll demonstrate the new hardware and software available for Pentium-based computers and how you can use them to your advantage. These include, but are not limited to the following:

For Atlantis, NJ residents, the 1998 edition of Optimizing Your PC is now available in most local video stores and libraries. For all other residents in the U.S. or Canada, expect to find this video by the end of January. JimboVideo wishes you good luck, and we'd like to hear about what you can do to improve your computers!

Understanding Computers, Not Just Using Them

November 15th, 1997

As JimboVideo has forseen, computers are becoming such a big deal nowadays. Everyone wants one, everyone needs one. Without a computer, you'll be left in the dust. The entire world is changing more rapidly than ever before all thanks to computers. Yet many people still fail to answer the most critical question regarding these things... why? Why would the average household need a computer so much, and how much does such a household really need one?

Some of the more obvious benefits of having a computer include "what you see is what you get" word processing programs and automated spreadsheets, as well as getting on to the Web. You may already be on the Web if you're reading this, but if you know someone who's having trouble understanding computers or why they're so hyped up, do print this article and send it to them if possible!

A computer is not simply something that does things, it's more complex than that. In order for a computer to do anything, it has to constantly work with many bits running across its components in a highly logical manner. The 32-Bit Difference gives a more detailed analogy on how bits in a computer work, but in short, a bit is a tiny on/off switch which the computer's central processing unit, or CPU works with based on a set of instructions. The hardware inside today's CPUs grows ever more complex and dense roughly every two years, but you don't have to be a professional engineering master to make a computer work the way you want it to. Here, right now, in front of a computer, you can write any kind of software program you want. Read more...

"The power of visual media is unprecedented,
so let's harness it for the good of others."

-- Robert, Production Assistant

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