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Last updated on April 25, 1998

Instructional Videos

Grasping the Full Power of Windows 98

Projected Release: Autumn 1998 for VHS

Windows 98 features many improvements over the wildly popular Windows 95, including an enhanced user interface, greater hardware support, and powerful web integration. This double-tape video is designed to help users make the fullest, most efficient use of the new operating system.

Optimizing Your PC - 1998 Edition

Released on December 1st, 1997 for VHS

Take full advantage of modern computer hardware and optimize your powerful P5/P6-based system to its fullest potential! You'll learn how to use software that can improve the performance and sustainability of your computer, as well as discover all the new hardware that can further expand the potential for your computer.

Advanced Windows Networking

Released on April 22nd, 1997 for VHS

Do you operate an internal corporate computer network or plan to start one? This video series will teach you what you need to know about networking whether you need a small or a large network setup. It also covers Windows-specfic networking functions such as workgroups and domains, as well as connectivity with non-Windows operating systems like NetWare, Mac OS, OS/2, and MS-DOS. Advanced Windows Networking primarily focuses on the recent Windows NT 4.0, although some functions may also apply to earlier versions of Windows NT.

Sign On to the Web Revolution

Released on May 23rd, 1996 for VHS and Windows CD-ROM

The World Wide Web is perhaps the most exciting breakthrough in computing history. We are at the beginning of a colossal worldwide revolution that could change everyone's perception of literally ANYTHING for all time. Information on anything you can imagine can now be within your immeidate reach with just a computer and a modem at your home. This video will help you go online in just 20 minutes using Windows, OS/2, or Macintosh. We'll also show you a tiny portion of the endless potential the World Wide Web has to offer, and remind you of the potential perils that come with it.

Windows 3.1x/95 users can also use the bundled CD-ROM which provides an interactive multimedia guide to walk through the process of going online step by step. This interactive CD-ROM guide includes full motion MPEG video clips, but it can also be played without them should your computer not have video playback capabilities.

The 32-Bit Difference

Released on December 29, 1995 for VHS

In all the hype of the release of Windows 95 and its new technlogies that come with it, several terms are thrown around but not really explained much. Two such terms this video explains are 32-bit and multitasking. IBM compatible computers have had 32-bit technology in them since 1986, and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is perfectly capable of multitasking, so what's the big deal with these two things in Windows 95? Up until recently, most software has been written with compatibility for 16-bit systems in mind. Solid 32-bit support and multitasking has been around for quite some time in OS/2 and Windows NT, but Windows 95 brings them to the masses; now it's time to show you what a difference they make!

OS/2 Warp: A Guide to the Best of the PC

Released on March 6th, 1995 for VHS

To truly unlock the power of your 386, 486, or Pentium-based computer, you need an operating system designed to take full advantage of its capabilities. OS/2 Warp delivers superior 32-bit multitasking performance, memory management, and compatibility with your existing programs. This video will show you how to set up OS/2 Warp on your computer, customize it to your needs, and get it working with your existing DOS and Windows applications. A world of high-magnitude computing awaits you!

Optimizing Your IBM Compatible PC

Released on August 1st, 1993 for VHS

Is your IBM compatible PC not up to speed? Whether you're tight on costs or you can afford more upgrades, our experts at JimboVideo have a solution for any IBM compatible, whether it be an old XT or AT-class system, or a recent 386 or something faster! This video uses simple, abstract 2D visualizations as a way to help inexperienced users better understand how computers work, as well as real screen recordings that will walk you through several procedures. Our producer may have slipped in a few whales as a joke, though... if this bothers you for any reason, we do humbly apologize for that.

"The power of visual media is unprecedented,
so let's harness it for the good of others."

-- Robert, Production Assistant

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