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Last updated on July 31, 2002

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Welcome to SquidNet

SquidNet is an award-winning internet service and content provider that's for everyone, yet specially designed for technically inclined net sailors who want to stay on top of the wave.

Our Services

Since the inception of SquidNet, we've lived up to our promise of providing high-speed dial-up internet to a multitude of customers spanning North America. We always ensure we have enough lines in every region to accomodate your connection, and our dependable customer service stands by 24/7 to address whatever technical issues you might encounter. If you have a V.92 modem, SquidNet will allow you to take full advantage of its bandwidth.

SquidNet also provides cable broadband service, an emerging form of internet connectivity that decimates traditional phone line connections. With down/up speeds up to 3 Mbps, SquidNet Broadband opens a whole new realm of possibilities for the future of the internet, including rapid image sharing, buffer-free video streaming, and robust multiplayer gaming. On top of that, broadband connections require no intermediate phone service - you connect directly to SquidNet's internet service through coax. This means you can stay online as long as you want, and you never have to redial any numbers! We've been steadily growing this service's reach since its initial implementation in Manitoba in 1998, so check this list of SquidNet Broadband locations regularly to see when it'll be available in your area!

SquidNet doubles as a content provider, sending you the latest news on whatever you could possibly be interested in, as well as useful guides contributed by numerous people inside and outside of SquidNet, all manually reviewed by our quality assurance staff. All of this content is provided free of charge* regardless of which ISP you use, so read to your heart's content!

*Keep in mind that while SquidNet does not charge fees for accessing the content it provides, your ISP may charge you for the bandwidth consumed from loading the content to your browser. SquidNet's internet services does not charge users beyond a flat monthly rate because we're not evil.