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QuakeWorld on Razorback

Razorback powers a small number of QuakeWorld servers based in New York, mostly sticking to vanilla maps while using some mods such as KTX to provide practical gameplay enhancements. The servers are currently in an experimental phase, so please drop some feedback on how they could be finetuned using one of the available contact outlets.


Name Domain Port Location Type Time Limit Frag Limit Description
1999 Grand Cross razorback95.com 28501 New York, USA FFA-3 15 50 The original server used in the creation of Bigeye.
Abyssal Dependence razorback95.com 28502 New York, USA 1on1 10 0 A server configured with game settings and a map pool suitable for 1v1 matches.

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Getting Started

There are a number of ways to get started playing QuakeWorld on the Razorback servers. What exactly you'll need will depend on the hardware you're using and how you plan to play Quake.

Get Quake!

First and foremost, you need the game resources themselves. If you want the full version, you can either buy Quake from a digital storefront like Steam or GOG (I'd recommend the latter), or purchase a CD-ROM second-hand. You can also download the shareware version mirrored on Razorback.

Running QuakeWorld on old hardware

As my QuakeWorld servers contain a number of modern features, they tend to exhibit various incompatibilities with vanilla QuakeWorld, so I do not recommend using the original executables. Instead, you should install WQWDOS, assuming you are using Windows 95, NT 4.0, or later.

Installing WQWDOS is as simple as plopping the executable into the same directory as your Quake installation. GLQW2.EXE doesn't work in Windows 95 as of now, and I don't know if it will later.

Running QuakeWorld on new hardware

If you're running a newer operating system, you can just load up ezQuake or nQuake. These source ports are optimized for online play via the QuakeWorld protocol but are also well suited for single player games.

To get ezQuake running, you just extract the contents of the ZIP file and copy your PAK files into the ID1 directory.

Connecting to Razorback

Currently, the above servers are not listed on any global directory. To connect to one of Razorback's servers, press the ` key to bring up the console. You must specify a port number following the domain name and a colon to connect to the desired server. To connect to the FFA server "1999 Grand Cross", type connect razorback95.com:28501.