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Video: make web page Creative Writer 2
March 17, 2017 - Since Buttsfeed is shutting down, I figured there's no better time than now to put this up here.

Video: Dual Seagate Barracuda ST32550N Staggered Spinup
April 18, 2023 - A quick demonstration of the "Enable Motor Start" feature on two of my Seagate Barracuda ST32550N SCSI hard drives connected to the onboard controller of my Asus P2B-DS motherboard.

Video: Monochrome Windows 98
December 24, 2020 - A quick run of Windows 98's 2 color VGA mode, covering a few programs like Minesweeper, Internet Explorer, and WinQuake.

Video: SSE Instructions on Windows 95
June 21, 2020 - Windows 95 doesn't natively support the SSE instruction set found in the Pentium III and later, but you can have AUTOEXEC.BAT call a program that enables access to the SSE register set.

April 07, 2023 - The moral of the story is to always obey

Video: 9/5/1989: The Earliest of Basifuk's Tapes We Could Find
September 05, 2016 - For Razorback's 300th video, I wanted something a bit monumental, as other numbered videos have not been so. I decided to take what's effectively the holy grail of unfinished videos and finally get it...

Video: Toshiba T3100 Portable Computer Demonstration
November 07, 2016 - I have no way of telling for certain when this computer was manufactured, but a sticker on the bottom of this computer indicates a local computer shop did something with it in November 1986;...

Video: My OTHER 486 Computer in Action
April 09, 2021 - No, this is a DIFFERENT one!! Am486 DX4 delights!!

Video: Another video of my 486 computer
July 02, 2021 - Installing Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Internet Explorer 3.03 over a network with the original Chicony CH-491F motherboard.

Video: 450MHz Pentium II Xeon and normal Pentium II comparison
April 02, 2021 - Here's a comparison between the Pentium II Xeon and the normal Pentium II processors.

Video: Dual Pentium II Xeon Windows NT Workstation 4.0
March 26, 2021 - Two 2MB Pentium II Xeon CPUs operating in a computer, at the heart of perhaps the most powerful system 1998 would've had to offer - or more technically early 1999.

Video: My 386 Computer in Action
January 27, 2020 - A sort of successor to a now nine year old video nobody wanted, featuring another configuration that is probably unfitting for the 386DX.

Video: Windows 95D Lite Beta Demonstration
July 17, 2020 - A video demonstration of Windows 95D Lite's capabilities created while the project was still in beta, now remastered to high definition!

Video: Hardcore Microsoft Memphis Condensed
September 04, 2017 - Hey look, it's Hardcore Memphis, but it's 83 minutes shorter!!!

Video: My 2015 Beastly Workstation Rig!
June 06, 2015 - After almost five years of never showing off my chassis and the powerful components which it housed, it's finally here! Intel hex-core madness with 24GB of RAM and the Radeon HD 7950!!!

Video: 240P POLITICS - 1/8/2003
February 01, 2019 - don't be constipated in a server room

Video: WinBook XL Part 2
May 08, 2015 - The second part of my WinBook XL demonstration will give you a closer look at the screen, and a much clearer one at that. Passive matrix displays are an eyesore. Glory to PC to TV converters......

Video: WinBook XL Part 1
May 11, 2015 - In the first part covering this computer, you'll see how this laptop works when running on battery power. This part mainly focuses on the passive matrix LCD display, as you'll see me teasing its...

Video: SIMULATION BRIEFING for 12/12/98
July 10, 2018 - The disco has many vitality for use in disco.

Video: Travis Shows You Upgrade Pentium II Overdrive (ft. Robby!!)
March 21, 2023 - Travis Dawson is an American property owner, coal mining executive, and part-time IT helper. Here you will learn how to update your aging Pentium Pro system with Intel's Pentium II Overdrive to bring...

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