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Playing through Quake on 30 different system configurations.

Video: Bigeye #30: Am386 DX-40!!!
August 30, 2022 - Yes, this is a brand new rerecording. Why? Well, for one, I figured it would be much better to give you the raw deal of what it's like to play this game on a 386 without any spices added, and...

Video: Bigeye #29: Broken LCD
June 17, 2020 - This is just your ordinary Pentium II laptop, except for the fact that it has a broken screen. Quite a disappointment, but it's still possible to play Quake on it! In fact, for a screen in this state,...

Video: Bigeye #28: Dual Pentium II
June 17, 2020 - While Quake does not use symmetric multiprocessing, I did get an installation of Windows NT 4.0 running on here that can make use of the two 450MHz Pentium II CPUs. Perhaps they might be of use if...

Video: Bigeye Extra: The First Xeon
October 09, 2020 - Here is one of the earliest Xeon CPUs, something intended for heavy duty scalable workloads but can be used like any regular desktop regardless.

Video: Bigeye #27: Windows 95D on 1GB of RAM
June 17, 2020 - Until recently, it hasn't been possible to run Windows 95 with 1GB of RAM, unless you did the old trick in SYSTEM.INI where you would limit the MaxPhysPage and MaxFileCache values to 512MB of RAM....

Video: Bigeye #26: 1999 CPU, 1989 Video Card
June 17, 2020 - If it is possible, it must be done. A VGA card from 1989 is operating in a computer with 1999-esque specifications.

Video: Bigeye #25: K6-2 on 430TX
June 17, 2020 - Yes, you can run a 500MHz AMD K6-2 on a classic Socket 7 motherboard, although this one is overclocked from 450MHz. Be careful, though. Your motherboard needs to support 2.2V CPUs, and that is...

Video: Bigeye #24: Pentium II, 8MB RAM
June 14, 2020 - Here's a very strange anomaly: a Pentium II with only 8MB of EDO RAM, just enough to run Windows 95 and Quake alright.

Video: Bigeye #23: Passive Matrix Laptop
June 14, 2020 - Playing Quake on a passive matrix display is the worst idea ever.

Video: Bigeye #22: Pentium Overdrive
June 14, 2020 - For the Episode 4 maps, I started doing voice commentary and had some people watch as it happened.

Video: Bigeye #21: Some Pentium 4 machine
June 13, 2020 - Well, it runs fast... but at what cost? Something went horribly wrong along the way in CPU development. Rather than taking their time adding further refinements to the efficient Pentium III design,...

Video: Bigeye #20: A Crippled Voodoo5
June 13, 2020 - If you really want a configuration that nobody would even consider in a practical setup, try putting a Voodoo5 in a system with a 75MHz Pentium. It's gotta be the PCI variant, too, because Socket 7...

Video: Bigeye #0: Embrace Modernity?
October 11, 2020 - Come back to reality... not the reality of 1996, but the reality of NOW. Any struggles to run Quake above 60 FPS basically became nonexistent even for a budget system from 2002. The struggle...

Video: Bigeye #19: The Fastest AT Computer
June 13, 2020 - Okay, so this might not truly be the fastest AT computer ever, but it's definitely up there. I could install a 1.4GHz Pentium III here, but that would require overclocking the 440BX's FSB to 133MHz,...

Video: Bigeye #18: 533MHz Mendocino Celeron
June 13, 2020 - A GeForce is in place here, so why is software rendering being used? Just hang in there, I'll get to the part where I show this card's 3D capabilities. For now, I want to focus on the CPU being used...

Video: Bigeye #17: 315MHz Pentium MMX
June 13, 2020 - If the 315MHz clock doesn't sound impressive enough, know that this is no ordinary Pentium MMX. It is an unusual sample that's able to sustain this speed without objection at 2.9V - only 0.1V higher...

Video: Bigeye #16: 233MHz 1MB Pentium Pro
June 13, 2020 - The CPU used here is not as prone to being scrapped by the wrong hands due to its blacktop design as opposed to the heavy gold top incarnations, but it is also harder to find because it was really...

Video: Bigeye #15: Am5x86 and 3D Acceleration
June 13, 2020 - Yes, even 486 loyalists can make use of teh Voodoo2 with a PCI board handy! Given how badly the 486 is crippled by Quake, this thing does a damn fine job giving it the extra frame rate it sorely needs...

Video: Bigeye #14: Tualatin + Voodoo5
May 30, 2020 - 3dfx was poised to bring out further innovations to the 3D gaming market, but executive mismanagement prevented its full potential from being seen, and the company went bankrupt well after its VSA-100...

Video: Bigeye #13: Athlon + Voodoo3
May 30, 2020 - While this computer doesn't have the exact same specs it did back then, I can tell you this thing held out a long time, back when my family used it every day from 2000 to 2005. Even when it was bogged...

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