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The definitive series of Windows 9x/NT videos, loaded with obscure feature demonstrations and jarring computer stunts.

Video: 3D Maze on Six CRTs
September 23, 2018 - It wasn't worth it.

Video: Hardcore Windows 98 Segment 8 Intro
January 27, 2019 - It was actually planned, but it never happened due to a certain requirement never being fulfilled, which involved having multiple people attend a LAN party centered around old hardware and software.

Video: fat idiot rides a bike and falls in mud
November 09, 2018 - half life

Video: Hardcore Windows XP: Draft 1
June 09, 2021 - Early incarnation of the video.

Video: Memphis Beatbox
August 02, 2017 - Spontaneous incident of beatboxing over installing Memphis Beta 2

Video: Cool Internet!
April 04, 2001 - Weird video found on a laptop running windows me

Video: The True Power of Windows ME
April 01, 2015 - A joke video I made back when I was still playing along with the whole "hehehehheaheaheu Windows ME bad" charade.

Video: Transferring Files through Parallel and Infrared Ports, and a Makeshift LAN
August 21, 2015 - Today, I demonstrate two ways of transferring files between two computers running Windows 95:

Video: Installing Windows 95 using a Network Client Startup Disk
August 23, 2015 - Today, I install Windows 95 in a very particular way - I have created an MS-DOS system disk, and used the Network Client Administrator in Windows NT Server to copy a small handful of files needed to...

Video: Quake on Voodoo2 12MB + Pentium 133
August 24, 2015 - Today, I'm falling back to more familiar grounds where all the home users would be raving over.

Video: The Sophisticated Windows 95 Help Feature
August 30, 2015 - A very important feature of Windows 95 is the well-organized, comprehensive, and detailed "help topics".

Video: Windows 95 Going on the Internet
September 05, 2015 - Connecting to the internet in Windows 95 is quick and easy, at least when you compare it to previous Windows versions. After installing a Xircom RealPort CardBus PCMCIA Ethernet card into a laptop, I...

Video: Exploring the Windows 95 CD-ROM
September 08, 2015 - 700 megabytes was a lot in 1995, outsizing plenty of hard drives in that era. Since all of the installation files on the Windows 95 RTM CD take up only 40MB at most (yes, they are compressed), that...

Video: Remote Desktop Connection from Windows 95 to Windows 10
September 12, 2015 - Yeah, I gave up on the prank title after everyone bitched about it, so this one is what it is. But now let's make you think this is actually running on a 133MHz Pentium computer manufactured in...

Video: Installing the Primary Domain Controller
March 22, 2016 - The foundation of a Windows NT network is usually the primary domain controller, which is exactly what I'm setting up here.

Video: Tape Backup and Power Off after Shutdown
March 27, 2016 - I've got a server that's fully capable of switching itself off after shutdown. After all, a computer from 2000 is supposed to be able to do that! Unfortunately, Windows NT 4.0 doesn't come with power...

Video: Network Install of Office 95
April 01, 2016 - Oh joy! We're going to install Microsoft Office 95 from a server!! Then, my employee Bingbong will write a very important document about the upcoming Kujirafest '98!!! OFFICE WORK IS THE FUNNEST!!!!!

Video: Windows NT 4.0 on a Laptop using Remote Access Service
April 10, 2016 - Windows NT 4.0 in its vanilla form is dumb with laptops. Even having been released after the advent of Windows 95, NT4 still can't detect some hardware without the intervention of the user or drivers....

Video: Two Quantum Bigfoot Hard Drives in a Striped RAID
April 12, 2016 - It is the dawn of a revolution. Two Quantum Bigfoot CY hard drives will unite together in a striped volume to avenge the deaths of their comrades which have been struck by the dreadful click. It has...

Video: IIS 2.0 Web and FTP Services
April 20, 2016 - Seizure warning: One brief portion of the video contains lots of blinking text, intending to tease the blink tag* that was developed early on in HTML.

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