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Bigeye #14: Tualatin + Voodoo5

Created on May 30, 2020
Indexed on September 03, 2022 at 03:40 PM

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3dfx was poised to bring out further innovations to the 3D gaming market, but executive mismanagement prevented its full potential from being seen, and the company went bankrupt well after its VSA-100 models were released.

The Voodoo5 is one hell of a giant. With two VSA-100 chips working together on the same card, it needs a Molex power connection to even be used. Make no mistake, though... this thing runs games VERY smoothly.

The VSA-100 lineup can provide incredible frame rates at high resolutions in 16-bit color, or it can offer high quality anti-aliasing and 32-bit color. If you really want it, though, just expect to pay a fortune for one.

This thing really shines through when paired with a 1.4GHz Pentium III, a CPU which was not widely available when it was released at the beginning of 2002, and, in fact, was intended for entry-level or mid-range servers. It is not supported on many Pentium 4 systems because, for whatever reason, 3dfx did not design it to plug into an AGP 4x connector, even though plenty of other cards were already doing that the year before it released.

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ktg5 - September 03, 2022 at 07:15 PM

hello, this is from my ibook g3 -- hope you're doing well

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