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Bigeye #17: 315MHz Pentium MMX

Created on June 13, 2020
Indexed on September 06, 2022 at 02:46 PM

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If the 315MHz clock doesn't sound impressive enough, know that this is no ordinary Pentium MMX. It is an unusual sample that's able to sustain this speed without objection at 2.9V - only 0.1V higher than the stock voltage!

If you've seen my earlier video showing this CPU run at 291MHz, you'll know it does wonders for a 430TX build, but an 83MHz FSB is quite a strain on that chipset. Like the Trinity 100 AT shown earlier, this board is considered to be "Super Socket 7" for its native 100MHz FSB, to 105MHz on here is safer to some degree.

The Voodoo4 is obviously slower than the Voodoo5, but has a number of advantages to make up for its lack of a second VSA-100 chip. Not only does it not require power to be supplied by a Molex connector, it can operate in either AGP 2x or 4x slots, due to its universally keyed connector.

I had to reduce the CPU's external multiplier to get a higher speed than I did on 430TX boards. When it's set to the full 3.5x multiplier in combination with a FSB sped beyond 83MHz, the system immediately reboots after POST. Even at 315MHz, it does get pretty shaky.

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