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Bigeye #0: Embrace Modernity?

Created on October 11, 2020
Indexed on September 09, 2022 at 12:35 PM

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Come back to reality... not the reality of 1996, but the reality of NOW. Any struggles to run Quake above 60 FPS basically became nonexistent even for a budget system from 2002. The struggle eventually became something more like... can Quake run without bugging out?

id Software was smart, though. They released their outdated engines under the GNU GPL for enthusiasts to maintain the code themselves, so getting started with Quake on your new computer is as easy as installing a package like ezQuake and supplying some .PAK files.

You might be asking me, how am I running Windows 7 on an X570-based motherboard? Thankfully, a lot of drivers are still being made for Windows 7 (as of recording in October 2020) well after its extended mainstream EOL date, so I can continue to be free of all of Windows 10's bullshit.

Getting Windows 7 installed on an X570 board is not something I can readily explain, though. On top of needing to integrate XHCI and NVMe support into an installation medium, you'll also need a patched USB driver. This is not supported by any vendors, but has been 100% stable on my system!

Seriously, if at all possible, get off of Windows 10. It's the worst operating system ever, and it will continue to get worse. They will tell you a lot about Windows 7 being insecure due to there being no more updates, but Windows 7 is much safer than Windows 10.

This recording might seem abrupt. Essentially, it was made on crunch time two days after the premiere of the first episode. I soft launched a couple of QuakeWorld servers for FFA deathmatches and 1v1.

This recording was made possible by THEBaratusII, who also has a demo of this match posted to his channel. If you want to try my servers yourself, connect to any of the ports listed on the QuakeWorld page on this website. Have fun!

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