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Bigeye #24: Pentium II, 8MB RAM

Created on June 14, 2020
Indexed on September 14, 2022 at 03:13 PM

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Here's a very strange anomaly: a Pentium II with only 8MB of EDO RAM, just enough to run Windows 95 and Quake alright.

It largely illustrates how a computer can run fast if the CPU is very good AND the software you need to run can fit in the system memory. Too much memory, and, well, your system will run normally, application performance probably won't improve and you might be given a page file that takes up more space on the hard disk than you'd want it to. Too little memory, and your software will slow to a grind or fail to run outright.

It may also be possible to install just 4MB of RAM in a pair of 2MB 72-pin SIMMs; they do, in fact, exist. But you should expect terrible speeds with them, at least 70ns.

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pcguy5491 - October 02, 2022 at 09:18 AM

you should try a pentium iii 1ghz with only 64mb ram with windows 95 and quake iii arena one day

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