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Bigeye #27: Windows 95D on 1GB of RAM

Created on June 17, 2020
Indexed on September 17, 2022 at 08:13 PM

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Until recently, it hasn't been possible to run Windows 95 with 1GB of RAM, unless you did the old trick in SYSTEM.INI where you would limit the MaxPhysPage and MaxFileCache values to 512MB of RAM. Nowadays, though, it's pretty easy to do.

Back in 2019, Rudolph Loew's 3GB memory patch for Windows 9x was released for free by his son, and as a result, that has been added into a strange project called Windows 95D which I had been developing for several months. The name came about when Blue Horizon's then new discovery of gradient title bars in Memphis 1387 prompted me to try integrating that feature into Windows 95 OSR2 by transferring some key system files over. I then combined it with my existing efforts to integrate various updates into Windows 95.

Adding in the new system files turned out to introduce some new problems, and after much struggling, Windows 95D ended up being released "as is" at the end of 2019 without any further updates.

Music used: Hexen II - Temple of Horus

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