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Bigeye Extra: The First Xeon

Created on October 09, 2020
Indexed on September 18, 2022 at 07:31 PM

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Here is one of the earliest Xeon CPUs, something intended for heavy duty scalable workloads but can be used like any regular desktop regardless.

Slot 2 motherboards are some of the hardest things to obtain, ever, especially with the appropriate retention brackets. There was never really a standard mechanism for these things as far as I know, and as such, OEMs and motherboard manufacturers got to make up their own rules.

Unfortunately, the physical problems of the Pentium II Xeon make it something that is absolutely not for the faint of heart. For one, the package is even larger so as to accomodate the full speed cache memory, so if you hated the Pentium II's design, you wouldn't even want to touch this. On top of that, though, there aren't any Slot 2 heatsinks that have fans mounted directly on themselves. I had to improvise a cooling solution that merely involved placing a regular 80mm fan towards the CPU and using zip ties to restrain it to the hard drive caddy.

It definitely shows some improvements over a normal Pentium II at the same frequency, but by how much? It really depends on the software you use; it could be by quite a lot or next to none at all.

P.S. Deathmatch mode 3 moved to port 28503. This is where most of the sessions held by the DOSBox Deathmatch Club take place at.

Music used:

  • madhatter - whale song
  • iLLEGAL iNSTRUCTION - Oceanica: The Image
  • MiCa - Conquest of Earth
  • Noa Nakai - hovering thru

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