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Hardcore Microsoft Memphis Condensed

Created on September 04, 2017
Indexed on April 03, 2023 at 08:26 PM

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Hey look, it's Hardcore Memphis, but it's 83 minutes shorter!!!

This was originally created for a different site with its own 240p constraints, but that website is no longer relevant. Earlier, I had gotten around to creating MPEG-1 clips out of the Hardcore Windows segments, but given the original video is now two hours long, I determined it wasn't worth trying to distribute 15 different segmented clips of the whole thing. As such, I've gone into the original project file to recreate this condensed version so as to fill in that gap - something I couldn't do earlier due to time constraints.

In this video, you'll see Memphis handle a multi-monitor setup, play back a DVD, print to a USB printer, and take advantage of the AGP bus to provide smoother gameplay. Much of the long, fine details in the full version have been gutted from this video, presenting only the minimum essentials of the Windows 98 betas as quickly as possible.

Unlike the original video as it appears on Razorback, this video hardly contains any bonus material. To see the full version, click the link below.

Watch video: Hardcore Microsoft Memphis - Seven Windows 98 Pre-Release Builds

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Kugee (real) - April 09, 2023 at 06:45 AM

Quick remark - implementing HLT does not actually make the game run faster in the background, but it does make it fully playable without massive frame skips in windowed mode.

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