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December 31st, 1998

I don't even care about the Y2K bug anymore. Developments of Death Ibex are accelerating at an alarming rate, and it might not be much longer before that nightmare I envisioned not even two weeks ago will soon manifest. I see that Day of Lavos waxing upon us, ready to bring about the armageddon...

At least I have a really neat computer on hand now, something loaded with 24GB of RAM and six CPUs integrated into one package, but I'm not sure how much that matters at this point. Whatever is causing these time disparities, I hope it's all for the purpose of eradicating Death Ibex. I'm sure we'll have the answer at some point, but my mind is broken by this recent series of events. I need more time to recover from this, distant from the whole matter. See you again someday.

December 28th, 1998

It seems that Death Ibex is trying to post some videos of its own, many which make no sense at all. It's even going as far as to ask questions like "is disco making a comeback?" Yeah, um... didn't it just go underground? I don't understand why the question needs to be asked over and over again, there's plenty of innovative music to be had. Just look at the tracker scene!

At least I can still post my own Windows 98 stunts there. We're working on a couple of new hacks of Windows 95 and Windows 98 right now. A lot of people really liked Windows 95D, but it clearly wasn't in a practical state for everyday use, and had no chance of being so given how things were going.

Hopefully my Windows 95 and 98 projects will one day be viable replacements for what Bill Gates wants you to use. After I'm done with the vanilla Windows 98 videos, I plan to make a new video of myself upgrading from MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 to these two projects, so you'll be able to get a good glimpse into the tweaks we've made to create a better Windows!

December 25th, 1998

Oh no... it's happening, isn't it? I got a knock on my door just now, and right there was a koi fish... a very large one, standing on two legs... wearing a Santa hat, and presenting me with a wrapped box. I was baffled by his cold glare, as if he was looking at me like I'm stupid for not taking any of this normally.

Yet there was something about him that bugged me more. It appeared his pain receptors were flaring up like hell, yet he was completely untwitching in the cold wind of the night. So, he's clearly hurt, but unnaturally conditioned to ignore it. It's heartbreaking, now that I think about it, especially since he completely vanished the instant I took the box.

The wrapping was labeled as being for someone that wasn't me, but I tore it open and found an Asus P2B-DS in the box with two CPUs and some memory already installed. I knew a neighbor who needed a new computer, so I just gave it to him and prayed that this wasn't some kind of cursed object that Death Ibex wanted to be used in some random household.

This is too much, man. Already, Death Ibex has created a new organism partially from scratch, and all he could do was obey and suffer. If he is still out there, I want to give him a better life than that, show him that everything doesn't have to be all masochistic fighting and servitude. He has to have some sort of creative passion underneath...

December 22nd, 1998

What the fuck is going on? That fucking virus didn't find us, did it?! I woke up one morning only to find out that at least half of reality was pushed nearly 15 years into the future. Seriously, there's all this new dystopian gear that's popped up all of a sudden... iPhone, YouTube, Windows 8.0, big ass LCDs, and I lost track of the rest.

No matter, if this is how things are all of a sudden, I will exploit the living shit out of it. The future must know the present, and the present must know the future... that is the only way to get the truth of Death Ibex out in the open, because I had another vision that both of us would eventually be captured, tortured, and executed.

I will create a so-called "YouTube channel" to publish my documentations of this virus, as well as some other neat side projects I've been trying to work on. I doubt it'll be of much help since everyone seems to be more concerned about watching douchebags shout dirty jokes while playing bicycle video games, but it's the internet, right? Surely at least a few people will get the message...

December 18th, 1998

It appears Death Ibex has been tapping into our Quake deathmatches, absorbing each and every single one of our movements and actions. What is this for? Some hours before the matches, we watched an old VHS copy of WarGames, which tells a story that could explain what Death Ibex is trying to do... perhaps it wants to develop an organic strategy template to implant in its life creations?

Holy shit, this is getting really scary now... just months prior, it seemed everyone was suddenly talking about a so-called "metaverse" like it was the next cool thing. Oh yeah, gotta plug in some shitty glasses to pretend I'm playing poker in space, right? Well, that shitshow may only be the first logical step towards a creation intended to serve someone in particular, but will inevitably doom all of us.

The world already got relieved from the day-to-day paranoia of the imminent end of the world by means of nuclear annihilation, but macrobiological warfare could be worse. Much, much worse. A nuke is simple by nature - when it explodes, it instantly destroys practically everything within a large diameter. This has lasting consequences that will horrify anyone with a shred of care for life.

But when one creates an artificial organism conscious enough to deliberately wreak havoc on its own, or under the direct orders of someone else, the implications are far more dire. Surely you must be aware of the existence of multiple space programs existing on this planet, which means getting out into the far reaches of space, landing on other planets... we already got a robot on Mars, so imagine if some time in a future as distant as a planet with its own civilization, someone goes out and tries to take that planet for themselves using an artificial organism resilient to practically anything, capable of shredding any living matter to bits using hyperpowered weapons or its own limbs. Can you imagine the universal chaos that would ensue?

We've really gotta get moving now, we have to stop Death Ibex before any of this gets set in motion.

December 11th, 1998

I just got word on the recent developments regarding that ongoing water simulation. It's not good. The gist of it is that the simulation has already completed a template for a functional and intelligent organism. It's no Xenomorph, looks more to be heavily based on a domesticated carp with both human and dolphin brain cells merged into it.

Now, it's already unethical enough that Mr. Death Ibex is trying to create a living creature that is capable of feeling pain, but... to already be jumping the gun to sentience, holy shit, dude... what the fuck is he trying to pull here? Most of the public still thinks Death Ibex is just some conspiratorial, conventional computer virus that does nothing more than wipe hard drives on a date so far into the future... the complete truth has to get out there sooner. I don't think it even wants anything to do with FAT32 filesystems, just your computer's CPU power.

December 7th, 1998

Yep... it's true, the dolphin amusement park in question did get hijacked in April, but it wasn't those boring little point of sale computers they were after. They needed more cetaceans, more brainpower. The last bit of intelligence we got before my friend escaped was a database record confirming the usage of six new live dolphins being wired to their mainframe running the simluation.

That's not even the part that freaks me out. Remember when it was reported around three years back that "someone" successfully created a simulation of a living cell in a computer program? He went out there gloating about his "amazing computer project" and won several awards for that. The problem with this project is that whales are not fucking computers. That's cheating... but I need to talk about this living cell nonetheless.

A single living cell is how this whole life began, correct? I'm sure you'll lecture me all day about the nitty gritty details of how it was formed, maybe a volcano or a holy finger, whatever suits you. That's not the point here. Where one cell forms, it has to replicate itself in order to survive over many generations, and this can go about any way depending on the environment. But if we happen to actually know the creator and his intentions, the implications of the creation become all more terrifying. No longer is the life inside some mystic wonder to cherish, but a mere factory constructed with a very specific purpose. What purpose that is, well... Ice Chimera is still trying to figure that out.

December 5th, 1998

My friend just got a call from someone... I'm not sure if most anyone knows him, but he may be the key to squelching Death Ibex once and for all. Many at Ice Chimera speculated he was already dead, but from what I understand, this isn't the first time he talked with my friend.

It got me thinking, though... what is he? Just a couple years earlier, that someone probably wouldn't even look at any of you with any shred of attention. Yet now he's suddenly a member of Ice Chimera? This is really bizarre... I'll have to ask more about this figure, but I don't think I'll be allowed to disclose much of that for now.

December 3rd, 1998

I finally got around to asking those guys at Ice Chimera about what that whaling incident was even for. Turns out the Death Ibex creator made several more successful runs from 1989 to 1991, and what he did with the whales is more sinister than I imagined; he got those carcasses dragged to his facility to accelerate some water-based simulation he was running to create the organic half of Death Ibex.

At the time, all he had to work with were several 386 computers in a network. Pitiful, yes, but that was the best most people could get back then. Even so, a Pentium II doesn't come close to the brain power of a whale, and it seems he knew that better than anyone besides us. Now, how do you use something as powerful as a whale brain for high-volume arbitrary logic, let alone a dead one?

I thought those 19th century nightmares my ancestors endured were all done and over with for the most part... guess not. Somehow, that programmer resuscitated these brains and overrode them with instructions to collectively advance his dumb little simulation. Is "little" valid anymore? It's made some frightening advancements not that long ago...

November 25th, 1998

Sorry about the long wait. We decided to throw in the gauntlet and get a T1 line installed over here. It's hella expensive, but who's paying for it? : )

I suppose now I should be able to get a lot more good stuff uploaded here. There's some really cool software I have that seems like it's all been forgotten, but I was holding off on putting it up because I never really had that fast of a modem. With broadband, though, hell yeah, I could go crazy with this!

Me and my friend are working together on a little project that we're finding pretty hilarious... it's called Windows 95D. Now, you may have heard of such things like Windows 95A, 95B, and 95C, all which were updated versions of Windows 95 subtly released exclusively to PC manufacturers. You're not supposed to acquire it standalone unless you happen to be pretty crafty with smaller computer shops, but Windows 95D is a totally unauthorized reworking of 95B we made to do some stuff which Microsoft claims we need Windows 98 for. Yeah, that absolute trainwreck of an operating system Gates is selling now, ya know?

When I figured out how to backport gradient title bars and menu animations to Windows 95 using an old Memphis build we had laying around, we laughed our asses off. It's not really much of a functional update, but a little bit of trivia can really go a long way. Windows 95D is still kinda broken (thanks Micro$oft for being anti-modular), but hopefully I'll get it up here in the next few days. It shouldn't take that long with what I've got now.

November 10th, 1998

Some people have been giving me crap for trying to suggest the idea that Samson McLarson was an ally of ours, but it's true. The one who really betrayed us is the one responsible for creating Death Ibex.

I've learned about the real Samson through the various stories told by current and former members of Ice Chimera. Samson was a sharp-minded individual who would stop at nothing to completely foil any whaling attempt he found. The creator of Death Ibex likes to brag about that one time he "stopped" one whaling attempt in 1988, but he was the one who started it. What did he want from it, I wonder? All I know is that Samson was the one who stopped it. I'm gonna have to ask these guys about it again someday, but we're stuck down here for the time being and I don't have many hours of dial-up left. Catch you later.

November 7th, 1998

My friend managed to make a clean escape from that hell house where the notorious Death Ibex took form. I must tell you something... you need to stop glorifying that virus, because its intention is not to save us, far from it. A group I'm part of called Ice Chimera has been working hard to leak and sabotage the developments of Death Ibex wherever they can, but as the virus begins to take form, it seems to be trying to cancel out whatever progress we've made in various eras scattered about. One colleague told me "god, this shit is like something straight out of Marathon Infinity."

There is little coherency to each strike Death Ibex sends out, which is deliberate. It's all made to overwhelm the mind with garbage information and lose focus of the target at hand. Its creator keeps changing sides in the public eye, pretending to be with us and using Samson McLarson as a boogeyman. Samson was the other figure in the spying operations, but I fear he's been totally corrupted by the influence of that fucking abomination. You can really see it in the videos he's been forced to make. He's not himself.

I've restructured Twin Razorback to better emphasize all of the important stuff, the real facts about this computer virus that looks to be priming itself for a full-scale assault on every single computer in the world.